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Ultimate TechnoGraphics Announces Support for Watkiss PowerSquare


Montreal, Canada, Tuesday, May 9th 2017, Ultimate TechnoGraphics is proud to announce the added support for the PowerSquare 224 with Ultimate Bindery® v.4.7, the popular Watkiss booklet maker, known to be an alternative to perfect binding thanks to its square spine look. 

The Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224 is a unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. It can be fully automated thanks to Ultimate Bindery® workflow for finishing. The combined solution accelerates the crossover point from offset goes digital.

The Watkiss PowerSquare can stitch up to two hundred and twenty-four pages. In this workflow, Ultimate Bindery® validates jobs for this wide range of jobs to ensure that only print jobs that certify will finish appropriately. Once the jobs are validated for this device, Ultimate Bindery® delivers finishing job tickets to automate make-ready. It operates as an agent between the prepress and the Watkiss PowerSquare™ to eliminate manual setups. Ultimate Bindery® allows to save time with a faster turnaround and eliminates waste with its deep knowledge of the finishing operations.

“We have long been a proponent of integrated workflows to enhance customer experience and improve productivity through reduced set up times and reduced wastage. The PowerSquare 224, which enables customers to print and publish on demand with the industry’s leading digital printers, delivers professional quality booklets in a fast and versatile production system. With the Ultimate Bindery workflow, greater automation helps to increase profitability and margin for business”, says Mike Watkiss, Technical Director Watkiss Automation Ltd.

“We are delighted to bring forward the addition of the Watkiss PowerSquare™ to Ultimate Bindery®, as it is well known by its users for producing quality products. Integrating the Watkiss PowerSquare 224 to a fully dynamic finishing workflow, we are delivering a responsive approach to touchless workflow for quality digital print. Reducing costs, and standardizing setups enables a direct increase on a PSP’s on Inplant printer’s annual revenues”, says Julie Watson, Ultimate TechnoGraphics CEO.

A Competitive Advantage 
For digital print service providers or in-plant printers with an inline Watkiss PowerSquare™, who want to reduce setup time, standardize setups and cut down on waste, Ultimate Bindery®, the dynamic finishing automation hub, offers a flexible and reliable approach, unlike using static templates or making frequent setup errors, this solution will empower users with major productivity enhancements.

For more information on Ultimate Bindery v.4.7 finishing workflow and to schedule a private showing of this exclusive solution, please visit: www.ultimatebindery.com

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