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Ultimate Bindery® is a standalone software solution designed to fill the gap between prepress and finishing. Ultimate Bindery® can take any JDF imposed job and complete it with all the necessary parameters needed to automatically set up your finishing equipment such as perfect binder, saddle-stitcher, cutter, slitter-creaser, 3-knife cutter, etc. It allows to produce variable length products in different quantities, on the fly with no manual make-ready.

Ultimate Bindery® is a hub of knowledge of many different finishing devices from different manufacturers and can automate in-line and near-line finishing equipment. It operates as a central location to validate that each job is built respecting the capabilities and constraints of the selected finishing equipment. These validations prevent errors and reduce waste since an alert is sent to the user for them to rectify the situation.

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« Ultimate Bindery® has helped us cut the cost to produce a booklet, saving time on all our job setups. »

- In-plant Operation

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Supported Finishing Devices

Ultimate Bindery automates in-line and near-line finishing equipment and integrates seamlessly into existing PDF workflows, just like any other process.

  • C.P.Bourg BB3202Binder
  • C.P.Bourg BBCBooks
  • C.P. Bourg BSFSheet Feeder
  • C.P. Bourg BDFExBooklets
  • C.P. Bourg BMExBooklets
  • Daeho i-Cutter 780Guillotine
  • Duplo DC 645Cut-Crease-Perf
  • Duplo DC 646Cut-Crease-Perf
  • Duplo SYSTEM5000Booklets
  • Horizon CW8000Booklets
  • Horizon CW7000Booklets
  • Horizon CW5000Booklets
  • Horizon CWPro++Booklets
  • Horizon AFV-566DFFolder
  • Horizon APC 61IIGuillotine
  • Horizon APC610Guillotine
  • Horizon BQ270Binder
  • Horizon BQ-280PURBinder
  • Horizon BQ470Binder
  • Horizon BQ-480Binder
  • Horizon CABS5000Booklets
  • Horizon CRF362Creaser and Folder
  • Horizon HT-30Guillotine
  • Horizon HT-80Guillotine
  • Horizon HT 1000 VTrimmer - SBL
  • Horizon StitchLiner5500Booklets
  • Horizon StitchLiner6000Booklets
  • Horizon StitchLiner Mark IIIBooklets
  • Horizon SmartStackerCut-Slit
  • Horizon SmartSlitterCut-Crease-Perf
  • Horizon SB-09VFBinder - SBL
  • Microcut Plus InterfaceGuillotine
  • Perfecta 92Guillotine
  • Polar-Mohr 56Guillotine
  • Polar-Mohr 80Guillotine
  • Plockmatic Pro35Booklets
  • Plockmatic Pro50Booklets
  • Schneider Senator 78Guillotine
  • ScissorHandsCutter
  • Tecnau Page ReadyCut-Slit
  • Watkiss PowerSquare 160Booklets
  • Watkiss PowerSquare 224Booklets

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  • Xerox

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