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Connect, Automate and Cut on Waste with Ultimate TechnoGraphics at Graph Expo 2015


Montreal, Canada, September 12th 2015, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc., leader in imposition and finishing automation software, is proud to bring its latest developments to Graph Expo 2015 this coming week in Chicago, IL, booth 541 including more connectivity and more automation in order for print service providers to drastically cut on waste and maximize their productivity.

It was just this past Graph Expo that Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. celebrated its 25 years of innovation, and is continuously delivering new functionality. This year at Graph Expo, print service providers are invited to see the latest developments of solutions for hybrid short run printing, making it easier to transform Web2Print, MIS or digital workflows into profit centers.

Cut on Waste: AutoFlow Estimator

The AutoFlow Estimator module manages gang run optimization by offering Best Fit Imposition based on various press sizes and finishing requirements. This analytical information is sent back to the upstream system for accurate planning and decision process. The AutoFlow Estimator is unique in its ability to be used as a universal and very affordable stand-alone module working for any MIS or Web2Print system, or it can be added to Impostrip Automation as an upgrade option.


Many customers have voiced concerns regarding the realities of connectivity between their different systems including their ordering system, Web2Print or workflow system: “Too complicated, too expensive” they say. Although Ultimate TechnoGraphics has been providing Easy XML and JDF connectivity to Impostrip®, it was time to look deeper at ways to take the burden off of the user. The Universal Mapper came to life in order for customers to relieve the pain of connectivity. The Universal Mapper has more recently been completed with full Job Ticket information including custom values available in Impostrip® Automation 9.2. The extended custom values will allow, for example, to place sequential numbering on lottery, concert or sporting event tickets.

The first company to leverage the new job ticket mapper for ease of connectivity is Prisme Technologies, from Montreal. Prisme Technologies is the Canadian leader in Web2Print solutions. Prisme Technologies and Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. will demonstrate together the new integrated solution in a premium offer as a bundle for easy deployment of truly automated Web2print in the B2B market: Ultimate PrintSys.

Automate Post-press

Better connect also means connecting and automating post-press. Making short runs profitable involves post-press automation and efficiency and this is what Ultimate TechnoGraphics will be showing in various booths with Ultimate Bindery v4, 2014 MUST SEE ‘EMS Best of Category. Visitors can expect to see post-press automation in action in HP’s booth with Direct2Finish, in Standard Finishing’s booth with the unique Horizon SmartStacker and other JDF-enabled finishing devices and in Xerox’s booth with FreeFlow Core automated finishing. Ultimate Bindery drives over 19 different machines from 8 different manufacturers allowing a prepress step of preflighting jobs to make sure they are built in respect to the constraints of the finishing device eliminating printed paper waste.

“Connect, Automate and Cut on Waste is not just a motto, says Julie Watson, VP Strategic Marketing, Ultimate TechnoGraphics, it is the reality of making short runs profitable, making gang run optimization easy and above all, it’s about making customers’ business grow.” Digital Printing has allowed for such a great market transition and the arrival of new print products, but in the end, true end-to-end workflow is from ordering to final delivery. Moreover, with the challenges imposed for lower print runs, job ganging is becoming the best practice not only of large print shops but especially in-plant from small to large operations and quick print network.

Visit Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ booth 541 or visit www.imposition.com. Also displayed on the Graph Expo show floor:

  • HPwith automated and scalable imposition for the HP Inkjet Web Press, and Direct2Finish HP SmartStream finishing automation at Booth 1202
  • Duplo DC-646 JDF automated finishing workflow with HP SmartStream Direct2Finish at booth 1926
  • Xerox will be showing FreeFlow Core enabling automatic in-line finishing with the Xerox Color Press 1000i and the Plockmatic Pro 50 signature booklet maker at booth 613
  • Ricoh TotalFlow and BatchBuilder connectivity to Impostrip at booth 1231
  • Standard Finishingautomated imposition with the Hunkeler PF7 Plowfolder, the Horizon Smart Binding line and the Horizon SmartStacker for B2-size sheets at booth 831
  • CP Bourgwith Impostrip Barcode Module at booth 2443
  • Plockmatic/Morganawill be showcasing Impostrip Barcode Module to work in tandem with their new barcode readers at booth 2448
  • Graphic Whizardwith Impostrip Automation for generation of dynamic imposition and barcodes at booth 3208
  • Glunz & Jensenwith iPosition powered by Impostrip at booth 637
  • EnfocusSwitch has an Impostrip Configurator for Impostrip Automation, Scalable and Unlimited at booth 444
  • Aleyant™ Pressero™with the Automated Workflow Integrator™ which provides easy connectivity to Impostrip Automation at booth 439
  • Ultimate Impostrip Automation