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Is it possible to move my license to another computer?

Yes, you can move your license to another computer. Refer to instructions below based on your type of license. We recommend taking a backup of the Impostrip® application folder and sub-folders. Make sure Acrobat is not running during the process. For detailed instructions, refer to:

Dongle: If your license is on a dongle, you simply need to transfer your dongle to the new computer.

Electronic Software License (SL):

  1. Generate a C2V from the computer where you currently have our software installed and send it to customerservice@imposition.com. Mention you are moving your license to another computer.
  2. We will send you a V2C clearing the license on your end. Once you apply it,
  3. You’ll need to send customerservice@imposition.com another C2V so we can clear the license on our end.
  4. Once you install the software on your new computer, you send me a C2V.
  5. We’ll send you back a new V2C reactivating your license on your new computer.
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