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Solutions Webinar – Wide Format

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Ultimate Solutions Webinar: Wide Format

Bring more automation to your wide format business and get an edge over your competitors. Deliver jobs faster and improve output quality. Increase your profit margin with wide and grand format printing by implementing an automated workflow.

In this webinar you will learn all about True Shape Nesting, automatically placing marks on jobs dynamically and completely automating the prepress nesting process. Ultimate can help you achieve efficiency and savings to help your business grow.

+ Removing the “Manual” from Wide Format Imposition

+ Automated True-Shape Nesting

+ Automated Sheet Optimization

+ Integration to Cut Tables

+ Color Separations to Automate Finishing

+ Barcodes, Grommets

Request to watch the Ultimate Solutions Webinar on Wide Format where we talk about how Ultimate Impostrip® offers the ability to produce labels by enhancing your current software.

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