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Whats new in Ultimate Impostrip 2021 Sprint Webinar

Sprint webinar - Ultimate Impostrip 2021

Ultimate Impostrip® 2021 delivers new functionality to streamline finishing. We are delighted to highlight these new features and implementations in this Sprint Webinar. This is a terrific opportunity to learn more about the benefits of this robust software solution offers to many print service providers around the world.

Watch our Sprint Webinar on What’s new in 2021 by filling in the form below as we show all the new implementations of Ultimate Impostrip®. During this 15-minute session, our experts will show you:

  • Elevate VDP productivity with enhanced speed and power
  • New Paper Profiles
  • Options to personalize Creep methods
  • GMI Marks and other Standards
  • Speciality finishing color separation and file routing.
  • Automatic Backup Feature
  • Autoflow Estimator Module
  • Availability in more than 10 different languages
  • And more.

Future proof your business today to offer a top-quality product in a highly efficient environment now and for years to come. You deserve an independent imposition solution that grows with your business and adapt to the evolution of the printing industry without blowing your annual budget in one hit.

Sprint Webinar – What’s New in Ultimate Impostrip® 2021.1

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