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Webinar: What is Ultimate BetterPDF?


Print Service Providers are faced with the daily challenge of meeting fast turnaround times that are sometimes contractual to meet mailing deadlines. They are usually not the creators of the file and therefore need a late-stage PDF re-engineering tool to help them produce efficiently and maximise the use of their press to get more jobs out the door.

Ultimate BetterPDF is built-in Ultimate Impostrip Scalable as optional processing module available on Windows 64 Bit, and macOS Arm and Intel processors.

Watch our webinar on how BetterPDF will optimize your PDF file for faster print production.

Watch the webinar to learn more about BetterPDF:

  • Unleash your DFE
  • Based on Adobe Technology
  • Scalability
  • Completely Automated
  • Predictability
  • and more ‘under the hood’ features

If you are a VDP or mailing printer, often come across very large and problematic PDF files, a user of Ultimate Impostrip Scalable, thinking of upgrading or are looking to expand on your product offering, this webinar is for you! In this webinar session will explain the efficiency you can obtain by using BetterPDF.

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