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Taopix and Ultimate TechnoGraphics: How to Automate Photo Printing from Order Entry to Print

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Webinar Taopix Ultimate Impostrip Imposition Photos Print Automation from Order Entry to Print

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Photo Print Business has completely transformed over the past decade. Remember the time when it took days to get photos printed? Now, end users can get good quality photos almost instantly in a local store. Plus, they can create any personalised photo product and receive it a day later. The competition is strong in this market where very quick delivery times and low costs are decisive for customers.

Taopix online photo personalisation ordering platform and Ultimate Impostrip® imposition automation solution integrate to bring a solid prepress workflow solution to improve workflow efficiencies, increase turnaround times, reduce waste of resources and get a better bottom line.

Join us on Thursday, June 25th at 10AM EST (3PM BST) for a collaborative webinar as the Ultimate and Taopix Experts demonstrate how the seamless integration of these leading solutions brings value to photos printer around the globe. Attending this webinar will give you exclusive insights that will give you a competitive edge over the other photo printers.

What you’ll learn

  • How leading photo printers are breaking speed-record;
  • Increase margins for print photos, photo books, yearbooks, calendars and all king of photo products;
  • Create and personalise photo product online;
  • Automate simple and complex impositions;
  • Deal with variable frame length;
  • Seamless connectivity between Taopix and Ultimate Impostrip®;
  • High-volume photo streaming and batching;
  • Automated JPEG & rotation;
  • Real life use cases.

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Photo labs;
  • Web2print photo album printer;
  • Central print facility serving photo kiosks;
  • Print service provider who produces photos print and photo products;

Do not miss this unique opportunity! Make the most of this valuable time with Taopix and Ultimate TechnoGraphics experts to get the answers you need from both leading companies, at the same time.

What holds you back from automating your photo printing from order entry to print? Take a step forward and register to this webinar today!

How to Automate your Photo Printing – with Taopix

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