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Plug-in or no Plug-in? Looking at the Must-have Solution for your easy imposition needs

Sprint Webinar: Plug-in or no Plug-in? | Ultimate TechnoGraphics

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Are you using an InDesign or Adobe Acrobat plugin solution to impose your jobs? According to Wikipedia, plug-in is ‘’a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program.’’ These solutions were recognized as the best value-for-money imposition software to enter the world of digital imposition a few years ago. Today, printers recognize their limitations, especially in a changing printing industry characterized by short runs, personalization, 24h delivery times and thin profit margins.

Ultimate is proud to introduce the new Ultimate Impostrip® Must. This entry-level solution is the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive layout and imposition tool. You no longer need a plug-in for your impositions! It is a standalone solution available on MacOS or Windows and provide absolute simplicity in creating booklets, organizing step-and-repeat jobs, cutting and stacking, creating perfect bound books, and much more including producing multiple ups.

Plus you get a big bonus as you can grow with the solution. Easily add on more functionality as you go as Ultimate Impostrip® Must is part of the family of products know for their imposition automation results.

Join us for our eighth Sprint Webinar on Impostrip® Must. During this 15-minute session, our experts will show you how Ultimate Impostrip® Must can help you:

– Based on the Ultimate Impostrip® family of software

– Modern user interface

– Save setup time by saving job pre-sets

– Reduce waste by choosing the best template

– Place printer’s marks automatically

– Eliminate errors by previewing final output

– Adapt to your growing business requirements


In today’s reality, everyone must have a layout tool. There is no reason to drag and drop layouts in InDesign anymore! You deserve an independent imposition solution that grows with your business and adapt to the evolution of the printing industry without blowing your annual budget in one hit.

About the Sprint Webinar Series

In the Sprint Webinar Series, the Ultimate Team reveal how to impose and print in less time, with 15 minutes set on a timer. No introduction. No conclusion. Just a webinar with highly concentrated information that goes right to the point. Every session will focus on one specific aspect of our imposition automation software solution that can help you save time in prepress and increase your productivity in your digital printing facility.

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Sprint Webinar – Impostrip® MUST

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