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Sprint Webinar : AutoFlow Gang Run Optimization

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Sprint Webinar AutoFlow Ganging Gang Run Optimization

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Ganging, or gang run printing, describes ‘’a printing method in which multiple printing projects are placed on a common paper sheet in an effort to reduce printing costs and paper waste’’[i] Many imposition solutions available on the market have a very manual approach towards this technique. For each gang run, the prepress technician must calculate how many ups of each quantity is needed to create the print run. Is this the optimal way to produce gang runs? Would it be more efficient to simply automate this process?

Join us for our second Sprint Webinar on Thursday, June 4th at 9am EST as we show you how easy it is to automatically gang jobs of different sizes and quantities together using our popular AutoFlow Ganging Optimization feature. Included in Ultimate Impostrip®, this powerful tool allows commercial printers to save tremendous amount of time in prepress by taking several incoming jobs, creating the gang run imposition, and sending it directly to print without any user intervention. It is all done behind-the-scene in seconds!

Optimize your gang run printing by attending this 15-minute session.


About the Sprint Webinar Series

In the Sprint Webinar Series, the Ultimate Team reveal how to impose and print in less time, with 15 minutes set on a timer. No introduction. No conclusion. Just a webinar with highly concentrated information that goes right to the point. Every session will focus on one specific aspect of our imposition automation software solution that can help you save time in prepress and increase your productivity in your digital printing facility.

In addition to a live demonstration of the feature in Ultimate Impostrip®, we will cover the 5 W’s :

  • Who: Who should use this feature? (Ex: Commercial printers, Direct mail, Marketing Services, In-plant, …)
  • Where: In what type of workflow? (Ex: Centralized prepress imposition workflow, connected to upstream MIS or Web to Print software, …)
  • When: When should you use it in your prepress imposition workflow? For which type of jobs? (Ex: Books, Cards, Brochures, Variable Booklets, Packaging, Labels, …)
  • What: What challenges this feature is solving? What does it do?
  • Why: What are the benefits of using this tool? Why do printers need it?

To watch the recording of the first Sprint webinar on our new AI-driven Imposition Agent, click here!

AutoFlow Gang Run Optimization

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