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Sprint Webinar: Peak Season Booster

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Sprint Webinar: Peak Season Booster

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Peak season for many Print Service Providers is just around the corner. Peak Season is the most critical period of the year as work is end-less and speed becomes a valuable asset. If you want to produce to your maximum capacity, this webinar is for you!

Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable delivers unmatched power, speed and flexibility to seamlessly automate the creation of complex impositions for high volume print production. It is designed to resolve the growing bottleneck in imposition due to increasing job sizes and the increasing number of short runs that must be printed in a very quick turnaround time.

Boost your productivity in time for Peak Season, join this webinar to learn more about our exclusive package that will empower your productivity. Increased speed will directly translate to additional files being processed, more pages printed and ultimately more jobs done each day.

Join us for our next Sprint Webinar about our brand new Peak Season Booster as we show you how to efficiently boost your production using Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable. During this 15-minute session, our experts will show you:

  • Review of Peak season needs across multiple segments
  • All you need to know about high volume imposition
  • Give you ideas on how to increase your productivity
  • Details about our EXCLUSIVE booster package

Embrace peak season and squeeze in as many print jobs as possible.

About the Sprint Webinar Series

In the Sprint Webinar Series, the Ultimate Team reveal how to impose and print in less time, with 15 minutes set on a timer. No introduction. No conclusion. Just a webinar with highly concentrated information that goes right to the point. Every session will focus on one specific aspect of our imposition automation software solution that can help you save time in prepress and increase your productivity in your digital printing facility.

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Sprint Webinar – Peak Season Booster

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