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Be the King of the Jungle in On Demand Book Printing

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We can all agree that the market of book printing attests ongoing change. It has explored the necessity for short run and book-of-one flexibility in a just-in-time distribution model. What could be done manually a few years ago is no longer a viable option. In order to respond to the demand and keep your business afloat, you must reduce the preparation time of the incoming jobs. Books need to be printed, finished and out of the door as quickly as possible.

During this webinar, the Ultimate Experts will demonstrate how the right imposition automation software can increase your productivity and profitability in book printing with record-breaking turnaround times, maximum reduction of waste of resources and seamless connectivity with upstream and downstream systems. Learn how today’s leading print service providers are combining Ultimate Impostrip® with Enfocus Switch for compelling results to become the competitor to beat in book printing.

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What you’ll learn

  • How leading PSPs are increasing their profitability with Ultimate Impostrip®.
  • How automated imposition is easy and can be used by everyone.
  • Automated imposition combined with Enfocus Switch.
  • Increase margins for on demand book printing.
  • Real life use cases.

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Print service providers
  • Marketing service providers
  • Anyone looking to reduce cost, increase productivity and automate all processes

Imposition automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip® optimizes every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile.

Be the King of the Jungle in On Demand Book Printing

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