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Introducing Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 Pro and Pro Offset Imposition Software

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Webinar Introducing Ultimate Impostrip Pro and Pro Offset Imposition Software

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Ultimate TechnoGraphics is proud to launch the new Ultimate Impostrip® 2019. Result of years of Research and Development, this new generation is designed to fill the need for more intelligence, automation, flexibility and speed to offset and digital printers.

Featuring a new redesigned user interface, new advanced dynamic preview of marks and barcodes and a new offset module with plate layout and color bar editor, Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 eases Print Service Providers into the world of automated digital imposition and tremendously improve the user experience.. Look at this professional digital and offset imposition software for your all your imposition needs on Mac and Windows.

Join us on Thursday, September 19th at 10am EDT to get a first look on the new Ultimate Impostrip® Pro and Pro Offset packages (formerly called Econo+). The 1-hour webinar will inform you on the many exciting aspects of this new version:

  • Redesigned User Interface – New!
  • Unified Windows and Mac Platform – New!
  • Subscription License – New!
  • Cloud Licensing – New!
  • More Languages – New!
  • Advanced Dynamic Preview of Marks and Barcodes – New!
  • Offset Module with Plate Layout and Color Bar Editor – New!
  • Marks Profiles – New!

Register to the webinar and discover what the fuzz around Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 is about! During the webinar, our Ultimate Experts will use key examples to show you how versatile and adaptable Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 is, and how it seamlessly fits in different print environments. Use this privileged time with our Ultimate Experts to ask them your questions in the live session!

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Introducing Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 Pro and Pro Offset Imposition Software

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