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Point’n’shoot: Capture Profits with Photos Print Automation

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Enfocus Virtual Safari Capture Profits with photos print automation

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Leading Power, Flexibility and Speed Solution

In a world of smartphones and social medias, the growth in the number of photos taken each year is exponential. Photo products grew in popularity too as an addition to printer’s offering with the rise of digital printing. Although many consider this market as a gold mine, producing photos and photo products is becoming more and more challenging. The 24-hour shipping policy brings its share of headaches to printers who are already balancing between their customer expectations for high quality while paying the cheapest price possible.

During this webinar, the Ultimate Experts will demonstrate how the right imposition automation software can increase your productivity and profitability with record-breaking turnaround times, maximum reduction of waste of resources and seamless connectivity with upstream and downstream systems. Learn how today’s leading print service providers are combining Ultimate Impostrip® with Enfocus Switch for compelling results to become the competitor to beat in their market.

What you’ll learn

  • How leading PSPs are breaking speed-record with Ultimate Impostrip®;
  • Increase margins for print photos, photo books, yearbooks, calendars, and all kind of photo products;
  • Automated imposition combined with Enfocus Switch;
  • High-volume photo streaming and batching;
  • Automated JPEG & rotation or use PDF workflow;
  • Real life use cases.

Who can benefit from this session?

  • Photo labs;
  • Web2print photo album printer;
  • Central print facility serving photo kiosks;
  • Print service provider who produces photos print and photo products;
  • Anyone looking to reduce cost, increase productivity and automate all processes.

Ultimate Impostrip® optimizes every aspect of the prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. The new version of Ultimate Impostrip®, which received an award for its AI based Imposition Agent, empowers printers with the flexibility and dynamic intelligence needed for efficient print operations to reduce costs and drive results.

Enfocus Switch allows users to create powerful workflows that ensure desired level of consistency and quality, while being flexible enough to adjust to new business needs as they develop. With the new Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator, Enfocus Switch users reach new levels of automation.

Point’n’shoot: Capture Profit with Photos Print Automation

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