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Video: Automated Digital Book Production #DscoopOpen


See Ray Duval of Ultimate TechnoGraphics at Dscoop Open Dublin Booth 7 and learn more about automated imposition for digital book production and automated finishing for an end-to-end workflow suite to ensure maximum productivity.

Ray Duval says: “So, in today’s event, we’ve been talking to many customers about how Impostrip Automation and Impostrip Scalable can automate the imposition process for book production. Not only we can batch books based on page count and sizes but we can optimize production and automate the production and finishing process. Impostrip Automation, Impostrip Scalable and their automation options can be set up to fully automate the production process for printing and for finishing. We can automate the finishing process with marks, customs marks, and dynamic barcodes and also JDF parameters send directly to the finishing machine. There are more and more customers using automatic finishing engines, finishing machines that are driven by JDF data. Ultimate TechnoGraphics has been developing advanced solutions to automate such processes from production to finishing where you have a complete finished product to ship to customers and a completely automated workflow. “

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