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The SCI way: great success with book, media and financial content


Video Testimonial

It is interesting to see how SCI grew from 1 billion pages to 2.5 billion pages this year offering on demand book printing with inkjet technology to its customers. Instead of ordering 5,000 copies and waste maybe 2,000 or even eliminating that storage cost as explained in the video, their customers’ waste costs are eliminated now because they can order strictly what they actually need. From 1 book to 10,000 books, there is no difference for SCI. And as the video explains, after a 10,000 book run, a 2 book run can come right out afterwards, no blanks, no problem!

With both HP T360 and t410, SCI prints 800 feet per minute in black and white and is setup with Magnum Flexbook finishing automation. There is no need to explain how dynamic and scalable automated imposition is key here; eliminating blanks and insuring press runs are optimized is crucial to this production process. SCI uses Impostrip to manage their imposition. We are proud to see how industry partners and customers come together to create unprecedented success.