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WhatTheyThink interview with Andrew Bailes-Collins about print embellishment and print finishing

While attending the Amplify Print event, Kelley Holmes from WhatTheyThink interviewed our very own Andrew Bailes-Collins. As you know Andrew is our Head of Product Management and talks with Kelley about print embellishment and print finishing.

(Kelley) Hi, I’m Kelley Holmes and I am here at Amplify Print in Minneapolis in Minnesota for an opening interview with Andrew Bailes-Collins of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. Thanks for joining me.

(Andrew) No problem, thank you for having us.

(Kelley) Absolutely, and new show first event. Tell me about your excitement being here.

(Andrew) New show, new concept, so we will see, but I think it’s the right time for something like this.
The industry it’s a very hot topic, embellishment and finishing, so we”ll see how it pans out, but the signs are good.

(Kelley) Excellent. So Ultimate TechnoGraphics tell me a little bit about the company.

(Andrew) Well the company is 34 years old. It was the original company that developed an application that would take imposition and make it digital. So, innitially with post-script files and now of course with PDF, and obviously the industry has changed a lot over the years. We focus massively on automation, on digital printing, and not so much imposition now but also on ganging and nesting. So preparing individual one-up files, for press, as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s what we do.

(Kelley) And so, since this is a finishing and embellishment show, how does Ultimate TechnoGraphics play into that?

(Andrew) Well what we will do is take the one-up file, with embellished content, complete PDF, and then we will put that on the sheet in the most efficient way for the press. So we are here to promote that automation between the one-up, delivery to the press and the digital finishing device. And also, the requirements that are needed in the one-up to make that whole flow efficient. So that’s basically why we are here. And of course there’s lot’s of people to sell our software, so that’s a nice side as well to see.

(Kelley) So what do you think happens to a printed piece when you can actually touch it and the piece actually changes.

(Andrew) I think it just adds a different dimension so I mean not only margin wise but also in the tangibility of the piece. You know, it’s got some, now of course with 3D as well, it makes the piece come alive a little bit more. When I was a prepress manager we did a lot of work with UV and things laike that and varnishes, but now it’s just moved to a different level where the piece is just a lot more exciting I think. That’s probably the word I would use.

(Kelley) What is the typical customer you are seeing that’s using the print embellishment on their pieces? Is there a certain pattern?

(Andrew) There’s a variety but I would say mostly it’s the people that are digital based and have that mindset where they want to add value and differentiate themselfes from their competitors and also they want to make more money out of every piece of product that they generate. So that’s really how I see it.

(Kelley) So it changes the feel of the piece…

(Andrew) Yeah, I think it just makes it more valuable it makes it feel more expensive, just a nicer thing to have in your hand than a flat piece of uncoated stuff It gives it a different dimension.

(Kelley) Who is the typical customar that uses your software?

(Andrew) It’s a mixture. It’s a massive mixture. From small to large, variable data, a complete cross-section of the industry. The only common denominator I would say is that all want to automate, they are looking to be efficient. And that’s really what we specialize in. It’s speed and efficiency. You know there is no point buying a very fast press, unless you can feed it the content to maximize the performance of the press. And also one other thing we do is automate the finishing side. So it’s not just about printing, it’s also about getting it finished and turning it into a product that you can then sell. So that’s the kind of part we are playing, taking the one-up and pushing it all the way thru the process.

(Kelley) Outside the showfloor, if our readers would like more information about your company, where would they go to?

(Andrew) We have a very well-named website: www.imposition.com and I would recommend to go there and they will have all the information how to get in contact with us and our partners.

(Kelley) Awesome! Well, thank you for joining us today Andrew we appreciate it.

(Andrew) Thank you very much indeed. It was nice to meet you Kelley.

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