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Yurchak Printing Streamlines OnDemand Book Production with Ultimate Impostrip® and RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Yurchak Printing Streamlines OnDemand Book Production with Ultimate Impostrip® and RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™

Yurchak Printing is a leader in digital short-run book manufacturing and has been in operation since 1998. Located in Landisville, Pennsylvania, United States, they offer high quality manufacturing services to local and international customers in the production of periodicals, journals, commercial printing, and books, such as fine edition, illustrated books, bibles, children’s books, and university press books.

This family-owned business focuses on developing a long-term relationship with their clients by providing what they need on time and budget, with the same quality as large-scale printing houses. In addition, by using a print on demand model, Yurchak reduces customers’ costs and waste without sacrificing quality results. Today, this notorious printing service provider thrives in the book printing market with over 600,000 impressions per day.

Ricoh Digital Presses to Replace Aging Toner Presses

Yurchak Printing were operating with three aging toner presses a few years ago. Having excessive overs every day, they needed an automated solution with short run and book-of-one flexibility in a just-in-time distribution model. This book printer invested in cutting edge digital print technologies to be able to ‘’produce results that rival offset printing’’, as John Yurchak, President of Yurchak Printing, admits. They immediately turned to Ricoh with their needs for fast, high-quality solution to produce high volumes of smaller print projects. ‘’We chose a Ricoh IP5000 and needed to group and automated work into order for the machine to be productive and not waste paper.’’, says John Yurchak. ‘’Ricoh’s solution for this press was Ultimate Impostrip® plus RICOH TotalFlow Batch Builder™.’’

Ultimate Impostrip® and RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™ Automation Power

Following Ricoh’s advice, Yurchak Printing implemented RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™ with Ultimate Impostrip® imposition software to automatically move all incoming files to the press, without any user intervention. Being able to easily switch a job between web and sheetfed devices was not possible with their previous technologies. By implementing Ricoh’s and Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ integrated technologies, they were able to build a centralized workflow where they could control the flow of orders and create automatic grouping and impositions to be sent directly to the RICOH IP5000. ‘’Our scheduling department can now shift jobs across multiple presses without needing preprint intervention.’’ In addition, Ultimate Impostrip® specialized imposition for book printing allowed them to ‘’expand Print on Demand offerings to over 34,000 titles. We now receive and process hundreds of orders automatically every day.’’

The combined solution today offers Yurchak Printing the ability to have ‘’quicker file turn arounds, less human errors, improved press efficiency by reducing stops, and less press waste by printing Book of one. All POD work is now automated from Order to File on the Press without human interaction.’’, shares their President. With these integrated solutions, Yurchak Printing is confident to continue growing with a 5-year objective of tripling in size with a continued focus on short run digital printing. Yurchak Printing now has a future-proofed print business with streamlined operations to handle the growing demand for short run and on-demand book printing.

John Yurchak concludes: ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® has been a critical tool in improving PDF automation for Yurchak Printing. It has provided consistent results across thousands of customer PDF’s so we can provide a reliable product to our customers. 

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