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Testimonial by Vögeli: Ultimate Impostrip® solution works very well


“We automate our direct mail process with Ultimate Impostrip® and Enfocus Switch. After some implementation support we had no problems with our set upSo far, we are not missing any features, and everything has been working very well! We had our experiences with other pre-press solution in the market and we are very happy with the Ultimate Impostrip® solution. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends…” – Christian Sigge, Pre-Press Technical Manager at Vögeli AG



The Vögeli AG is a family owned marketing production and printing company based in Langnau, Switzerland. Emphasizing customer support and uncompromised service quality, they help their customers succeed with high-quality marketing materials and customized direct mailings. These are produced with a focus on sustainability and eco friendliness on both offset and digital printing equipment. Their efficient automated processes enable them to produce their products at minimal pollution exclusively using energy from renewable sources. They are a customer of Ultimate TechnoGraphics since 2014.

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Christian Sigge, Pre-Press Technical Manager at Vögeli AG



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