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Nova Scotia Community College Preps Future Print Professionals with Ultimate Impostrip®


Established in 1996, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) offers a Graphic & Print Production Program to students who wish to make a career in the printing industry. Every year, 15 to 20 students graduate with a wide range of production-based skills, from prepress all the way through the production chain to finishing and sign installations. The College trains the print professionals of tomorrow based on today’s reality by using what the industry has best-to-offer for hardware and software technologies: ‘’We match the technology used in the local industry to give our students an edge when applying for a job”, admits Doug Lewis, Digital and Offset Print Instructor at NSCC.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - User Story with Nova Scotia Community College - Ultimate Impostrip Nesting capabilities for Wide Format Printing

Students use the nesting capabilities of Ultimate Impostrip® to impose files for wide format printing.

One of the prepress software solutions they teach is Ultimate Impostrip®. Even though they have known the software for years, they really started to investigate in Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ imposition software when they came across the Ultimate Team in 2019. ‘’We were experiencing both financial and technology challenges with the imposition solution we had previously to Ultimate Impostrip®’’ reveals Lewis. ‘’The costs to run single licenses and basic support began to outpace what we could afford in the operating of a printing program, plus the software was not intuitive translating in a steep learning curve for our students.’’

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - User Story with Nova Scotia Community College - Ultimate Impostrip Intuitive user interface with students

The intuitive and modern user interface of the new generation of Ultimate Impostrip® simplifies the learning process at Nova Scotia Community College.

By switching to Ultimate Impostrip®, NSCC found exactly the automated imposition solution they were looking for: ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® is so intelligent! It is like AI is built into the application. I do not have to do all the thinking anymore.’’ says Doug Lewis. ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® accomplishes everything we need for teaching and producing quality printed products in our program.’’

Today, the students following the Graphic & Print Production Program at Nova Scotia Community College learn automated imposition thanks to Ultimate Impostrip®. ‘’The students adapted so quickly to Ultimate Impostrip®’’, adds Lewis. ‘’I heard comments like “I wish we used this last year of learning” and “It’s so easy”. The students can now do jobs simply and quickly and look forward to the next phase of learning.’’

About Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Doug Lewis concludes: ‘’This is one of our most valuable relationships! They go out of their way to assist us. I would absolutely recommend these folks for any planning and automation needs for imposition.’’

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