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Mercantile Press Customer Testimonial


Testimonial from Andy Brennan from Mercantile Press.

Mercantile Press is a printing and packaging service provider for the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer care, agricultural and commercial markets. The company’s mission is to provide customers with high quality, innovative solution based products and services that consistently meet or exceed expectations as defined by their specifications. They also offer around-the-clock access to their services via their website.

When Mercantile Press was looking for an imposition solution, they had their mind set on three main criteria: good, easy and reliable. Being able to find an imposition engine that would handle the PDF files well, while keeping the integrity of these PDFs was of upmost importance to them, and with reason. Today, a quality printing and packaging service provider must ensure accurate imposition and PDF handling to deliver quality to customers.

As a hybrid shop, having the versatility to transition jobs between offset, flexographic and digital, while keeping the process smooth and error free is crucial.

Mercantile Press turned to Impostrip® OnDemand Econo because it could fill all of their needs for a professional imposition solution that is flexible, easy to use, and reliable. Thanks to the Origami features, a user can easily create or edit any type of template without the need to always re-impose a file. Origami Virtual Paper folding is an easy way to make changes on the fly: “without having to go through a bunch of bells and whistles to do edits, or even having to re-impose like you would with other solutions” says Andy Brennan, prepress manager at Mercantile Press.

Origami, the art of folding paper into life like representations of animals and other objects, has been practiced in Japan for centuries. With Impostrip®’s Origami feature, signature templates can be created without entering a single page number or orienting any pages.

Usually, a folded paper dummy is used to determine the page sequence numbering that corresponds to an imposition pattern. After the correct folding pattern is determined, the page sequence numbering is entered automatically. With Origami virtual paper folding, the operator is presented with a graphic representation of the press sheet and pages on screen. By clicking on the sheet at the junctions between pages, “folding” occurs on screen, providing right numbering and page orientation to create the corresponding template with standard marks included just like magic!

“Impostrip® OnDemand Econo has a nice engine that is flexible and reliable,” continues Andy, as he can now manage multiple signatures and change up orientations and page counts in just seconds.

“The Staff at Ultimate was very helpful and prompt, and I really appreciate this” says Andy, “I had a lot of questions when I started looking for an imposition solution, and was very grateful to receive such support from the team”.

Mercantile Press utilizes 4, 5 and 6 color, 40# offset presses, a narrow web flexographic press and an MGI digital press. They can drive all these devices from one stand-alone imposition solution called Impostrip® OnDemand Econo. To learn more about Mercantile Press:


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