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Marketing Kitchen – Fully automated right to the KM-1 thanks to Ultimate Impostrip®

Marketing Kitchen, specialized in direct mail and fulfillment, implemented Ultimate Impostrip® to maximize the coverage on their 23”x29” sheet size and optimize the output of their Konika Minolta AccurioJet KM-1.

Watch the testimonial of Audrey Jamieson, President of Marketing Kitchen.

“We are at Marketing Kitchen, in Markham, just outside of Toronto, and we are a direct marketing production company specializing in direct mail and fulfillment. So pretty much all things marketing, that are physically related with marketing.

When we decided to purchase the KM-1, it was also all about the automated workflow. We use XMPie and we are very happy with XMPie, we love that it’s native to InDesign, but the one big problem was is that we weren’t able to do the Dutch Cut’s. The reason I purchased the KM-1 was that it had a great 23×29 inch sheet size and we wanted to maximize every inch of that paper. We are not going to give up XMPie, we want the KM-1, how are we going to get there? Ultimate Impostrip® was the solution, and it’s been fantastic!

So, we were so pleased that we were actually able to find the software that allows to to maximize the sheet size of our KM-1 and typically we’re running 23×29 inch and we’re not running any sheets smaller than that thanks to Ultimate Impostrip® and our ability to do that now.

Ultimate Impostrip® is very easy to use. The team was up to speed on it in no time, which was great because at the time the team was also learning the KM-1, and I thought; ‘Oh is this going to be too much?’ But really, it was a super easy transition to using Ultimate Impostrip®. We’ve taken it one step further by introducing ‘hot folders’. We are able to upload the files and it’s fully automated right to the KM-1, and we couldn’t do that without Ultimate Impostrip®.

It’s also coming in very handy when we are working with print-ready files. A lot of our customers will do the composition, that we call the mail-merge, themselves, and Ultimate Impostrip® is key in being able to maximize the sheet size, when we are getting print-ready files and presenting them to the KM-1.

But the more we can automate, the more throughput we can have through the facility, the stronger we’re going to be as a player in the Canadian market. Ultimate will play a big part in that because, again, it’s providing us the automation we are looking for.”

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