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Imposition Speed is of the Essence at SG360°

SG360°, specialized in direct mail services, implemented Ultimate Impostrip® to manage the increasing volumes of large variable jobs and automatically produce the impositions in minutes.

Watch the testimonial of John Zawisza, Director of Digital Operations at SG360°.

“I am John Zawisza, Director of Digital Operations here at SG360°. Right now we are in one of our digital production facilities. I actually run all the digital operations. I have small footprint bindery along with various different digital presses from toner to inkjet. It actually all comes under my hat which gives me some grey hair sometimes.

I had to investigate but was actually familiar with Ultimate Impostrip® back in the day. It drove the front end of the Agfa Chromapress which was a Xeikon engine, so now you know I am dating myself a little bit, but it was actually nice because it seem to handle a lot of files very quickly.

Once we started getting larger and larger variable jobs, I kind of researched them again to see if they were still around, and I was actually surprised because they actually became a lot more robust, and we ended up getting a demo for a little bit and I was pretty much sold.

The best thing about Ultimate Impostrip® is that it will pretty much handle any imposition we throw at it. We’ve utilized a lot of things as far as Dutch cuts, custom marks and things of that nature, but it’s just the amount of files that it’s actually able to chug on and able to get out in a fraction of the time that we were doing it before.

It seems to end up getting easier and easier. The new release has a lot more functionalities than the previous one. It’s been wonderful. It’s actually very simple. To be honest with you, we set up the Hot Folder and, depending on the finishing, we’re able to end up going last-to-first, reverse the numbers, do all different kind of numbering schemes, if it’s cut-to-stack or saddle-stitch, and again, none of these processes ever seems to slow it down.

We did time trials from our existing workflow, and for jobs that we were putting through that would take hours to impose, when we ended up putting it through Ultimate Impostrip®, it went down to minutes! Now, I know time is money, and I may not have exact numbers for you, but I know I was saving on something.”

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