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Fireball Printing Streamlines their Workflow Process with Ultimate Impostrip


Because we take on so many small jobs for so many different clients, we need to have a process where things can just be streamlined and happen on their own as much as possible. And it has kind of come together overtime and evolved. It started with a FileMaker database that we use to organize all the different aspects of our projects. Another big piece was our web site which we integrated with the FileMaker database and had custom build. Then the next piece was Enfocus Switch workflow which we linked to the FileMaker database. And then the imposition software from Impostrip has been a huge part of that as well, it has kind of been the missing piece for getting the files from Switch and set up the way they need to be and then into the cue for our press.

The artwork all ends up in FileMaker after the clients completes the order on our website and then from that point it’s just a clic of a button to send it on to Switch and then we’ll get a PDF proof back that we approve internally. Then from that point on it goes to the imposition software Impostrip, it get’s routed to the correct hotfolder there, and then after the imposition comes back to Switch and then goes right to the (Canon) iX.

For a lot of things they can, even if they are all different sizes, they can still go to the same hotfolder because Impostrip is able to just figure out what the correct template is, which really helps streamline things a lot because otherwise we  would have a million different hotfolders.
So, we mostly have different hotfolders for different sheet sizes, simplex or duplex, if it’s a saddle stitched book…

There are definitely capabilities that we are not taking fully advantage of right now and part of that is because I just haven’t made time to learn about everything I can do. When we first got Impostrip I was kind of scrambling to just get something and have it set up so that we could run jobs. And I was thankfully able to do a basic set-up within maybe a few hours. I also like to explore, right now we have (Impostrip) Pro, but I would like to explore (Impostrip) Automation more because I think that has a lot of capabilities that we would probably fully take advantage of.

Catherine Dentino, Co-Owner of Fireball Printing



About Fireball Printing

Fireball Printing started out with a single copy machine in a Philadelphia rowhome. Our goal was to make high quality, affordable prints for our artist friends to sell. Growing by word of mouth for the first decade of our existence, we started printing for bars, venues, restaurants, schools, nonprofits and a variety of other businesses and organizations. As we expanded, we kept getting better printing and finishing equipment, focusing hard on quality, customer service, and making Fireball a nice place to work.

Now operating out of our own building at 2644 Coral Street, we’re equipped with a Canon varioPRINT iX3200 production inkjet press. Our services include digital, large format and offset printing as well as a wide variety of finishing options. We have access to a large network of binderies, specialty finishers and boutique printmakers, giving us the ability to bring your visions into reality. We’re excited to work with you on your next project!

For more information visit their website: www.fireballprinting.com
You can watch the full testimonial on INKISH TV here


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