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Boone Graphics Reaches 8 Million Dollars and Doubles its Sales with Ultimate Impostrip®

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Boone Graphics was created by current president and owner Andrew Ochsner in 1995 in a garage with two important assets: one-color press and Andrew’s dog Boone at his side. Since then, the Californian company has grown into a full-service graphic design studio and letterpress studio, specialized in surveys and manuals for the Medical Industry as well as servicing the commercial print needs of the local community.  They produce approximately 1.5 million pieces of mail every month in a secure and compliant data stream (ISO Certified, G7 Master Printer, USPS Platinum Service Provider, HIPAA Compliant Workflow). Over the years, they have become the largest commercial printer on the Central Coast of California with two locations, 48 employees, and over 50,000 unique jobs each year.

Boone Graphics print on a wide range of cutting-edge printing equipment, combining offset and digital technologies. Their static offset capabilities come from a 29″ Roland 6 color and a 40″ Roland 4 Color plus a fleet of Ryobi 3302’s to make up the small products.  Boone’s digital firepower comes from a Xerox iGen 5, a Xerox Versante, 4 Xerox Nuvera’s and a soon to be placed Canon iX.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Boone Graphics - Ultimate Impostrip

Boone Graphics have become a leading healthcare clearing house for medical mailings and medical transactional mailings. They use Ultimate Impostrip® to impose healthcare manuals, directions for use publications, membership ID cards, educational materials, individualized 1:1 marketing pieces and personalized client fulfillment mailings.

They combine multiple prepress and production workflow solutions such as integrated MIS Preflight that compares the actual file specs against the MIS, files storage and archiving, web to print and ESKO’s Automation engine which controls all aspects of the Pre-Production process. One thing ESKO Automation Engine did not provide was a fully automated imposition solution which was very problematic. ‘’Imposition became a huge bottleneck in our production flow.’’ reveals Scott Tate, Director of Information Technology. “We had several manual solutions each with its own set of barriers. We really wanted one solution that could tackle all of our imposition needs for digital, offset, cut and stack for mail and web to print all without any human intervention.” 

They explored several options for imposition, and none could provide the flexibility to meet all their different press needs and integrate into their existing systems. Once Boone Graphics discovered Ultimate Impostrip® XML capabilities, they knew they had found the right solution to build the automated workflow they were looking for:  ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® checked all the boxes we were looking for and we have never looked back. Their technology has allowed us to do more work with fewer people and that’s always a good thing.”

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Boone Graphics - Ultimate Impostrip

Boone Graphics use Ultimate Impostrip® to generate their impositions with all sorts of marks such as color bar, registrations marks, cut marks and text marks.

By integrating Ultimate Impostrip®, they were able to centralize their imposition workflow to use only one solution for their entire fleet of print devices and build a fully integrated prepress workflow. With the lights out capabilities of their web to print solutions, they produce even higher print volumes with less people in less time, 24 hours a day. That equates to less downtime on the presses and ‘’more smiles on customer’s faces’’, as Scott points out.

Thanks to the addition of Ultimate Impostrip® in their print environment, Boone Graphics went from 6 prepress personnel for 3.5 million in yearly sales to only 3 people and 8 million dollars. Scott admits they couldn’t make it without the help of Ultimate TechnoGraphics: ‘’Ultimate TechnoGraphics has been a great partner and resource for our growing company for several years and as we have grown they have been an excellent asset to have at our disposal.  We would not be where we are today without the help and technology brought by Ultimate Impostrip®. Their team bends over backward to meet our needs and they are always available with any question we might have about future needs.’’

Ultimate TechnoGaphics - Boone Graphics - Ultimate Impostrip

Boone Graphics’ 5 years objective is to become the only serious printer on the Central Coast printing 20 million in just Medical based manufacturing, Mailing 3 million mail pieces and still providing great service and solutions to the community of businesses in their local region, with Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ automation expertise on their side.


About Boone Graphics

Boone Graphics is a full-service design, print, data, and fulfillment company. We have the resources and service philosophy to provide your business with front-end document creation through hard copy and electronic distribution. With our state-of-the-art secured facility and over 35 highly trained professionals, we can create your image, manage your data, print your documents and deliver your messages, all under one roof and all with one accountability.


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