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How was life before Ultimate Impostrip?

In the old days, if you wanted to process dozens of jobs a day, you needed a dozen graphic designers for pre-imaging, or prespress to set those up to put the pieces in position. You would have your imposition maps up on the wall.
Here, all of that is automated. Once we found Ultimate Impostrip, we were able to integrate it into our software collaboration and now it’s one of the bases for our entire collaboration and automation system.

We often don’t touch any of the jobs that are imposed. The jobs come through, workflow picks it up, automates it through imposition, outputs it for the operator, operator releases, operator then takes it to finishing and it’s already set-up, it’s already embedded, it already has the production code.
The machine scans the code and runs the job.

What role did the ROI play?

The ROI is people, you are saving man hours. Do you want to hire another x-number of employees? Or do you want to invest in the software?
For us that was a very very quick decision when we saw the automation abilities of Ultimate Impostrip.
They not only understood our problem, but they were able to give us guidance on how to integrate better. They understood what our MIS was. They understood our workflow software. They understood where they were going to be in our collaboration. They were able to give us advise on how to get XML script to write that for us.

Who do you think should work with Ultimate TechnoGraphics?

Anybody that is working with printing. Anybody that needs to print more than one-up, save yourself the hassle. Program all your variables in the front-end. Don’t worry about having to make sure that your creep on a booklet is there. Don’t worry about making sure that your Perfect Binds are set-up correctly. Don’t worry about your business cards being set up for the right optimization to go onto your auto-slitter. Don’t worry that your perfect binder has the right margins for the cover of scoring. It’s all taken care of. It’s already programmed. We already automated that.

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Dave Tanner
Vice President of Operations

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