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Absolutely Imposing is the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive professional imposition plug-in available for Adobe® Acrobat®. Absolutely Imposing provides absolute simplicity in creating booklets, organizing step-and-repeat jobs, cutting and stacking, creating perfect bound books, and much more including producing multiple ups.

Features & Benefits


  • Complete all your projects from Acrobat® from only one window
  • Easy: Eliminates imposition steps and reduces errors
  • Smart: Remembers your preferences from job to job
  • Best fit: Will find the best template for your job

    Ultimate Impostrip® analyzes all your templates and impose your job with the best one to maximize the coverage of paper.

  • Binding: Perfect bound, saddle-stitch, cut & stack, step & repeat
  • Scheme: booklets, N-up book, duplex N-up, simplex N-up
  • Full control over marks

    Cut, folding, info ID, annotation, double cut, registration, page outline frame, paper delimiters for proofing. You can also have a text mark such as a slug line.

  • Orientation: Left, right, top or bottom
  • Document sides: Single or double sided
  • Layouts: Complete library of layouts; allows for adaptive layout previews
  • PDF Trim Options: Trim, crop or media for centering and bleed control
  • Bleed, Scale and Adjustments

    Options that will give you full control over bleed, automatic creep calculation based on paper thickness, page adjustment to shift your page and page scale.

  • NEW! Available for Mac OS®X and Windows®
  • NEW! Available in 9 languages

    English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

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Ultimate Absolutely Imposing®

« It is absolutely the easiest to use Adobe Acrobat Plug-in for professional impositions. »

- European Communications Cie

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Ultimate Absolutely Imposing Easily
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  • Xerox

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