Integrates seamlessly with many
standalone Web-to-Print solutions



The success of e-commerce print businesses is based on the popularity of the brand, the efficiency of the e-commerce platform, and above all, the speed at which the online orders are executed. Building a workflow for your e-commerce orders is key to your success and using e-commerce ready solutions makes it even easier for you.

With Ultimate Impostrip®, benefit from superior imposition intelligence, understanding the incoming data and dynamically setting the imposition on-the-fly. As a result, print service providers build a connected prepress workflow that automatically captures jobs orders, generates the impositions and sends it to the press without user intervention.

Ultimate Impostrip® integrates seamlessly with many notorious standalone web-to-print solutions commercialized by vendors, and also has the flexibility to connect to in-house/self-developed Web-to-Print (Web2Print) or online ordering systems under some conditions. For more information about the connectivity of Ultimate Impostrip® with the online print order management system you use in prepress, contact our team.

Web-to-Print Wish List

  • Brand Consistency

    Use your own templates to make sure that all of your printed materials stay on brand. Your templates can be made with customised designs and personalisation.

  • Reduces Time

    Web-to-Print brings all the control to your fingertips. So, you reduce time by having fewer meetings to finalise designs and approve different stages. You don’t have to wait for samples to be sent either - everything is available for you to see onscreen and just needs your approval.

  • Reduces Costs

    Web-to-Print provides you with the ability to order on demand. This means that you can order things as and when you need them, rather having to meet certain requirements and having an inventory that you don’t currently use. By eliminating some of the normal steps that go into an order, you’ll also reduce overall costs.

  • Order from Anywhere

    All you need are the login details and access to a web browser and off you go! This means that you’re not restricted to one location and can place orders remotely from wherever you like. This is also beneficial as more than one person can make orders, should the other be out of the office or occupied with other tasks.

  • View a catalogue of products at one time

    Should you need to reorder, view your previous orders at the click of a button. This saves time compared to having to root for the latest invoice and manually check the last order.

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