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Variable Booklets

Producing booklets on digital equipment often means managing variable content and dynamically adapting to a changing number of pages or booklet size. Succeeding in this not only requires smart hardware choices, but also using the right software solution.

Managing variable booklets on the fly is one of our customers’ key applications because our solutions offer the flexibility to produce print-ready PDFs for varying page counts and sizes and to automatically setup your finishing equipment for each copy.

Creating an automated finishing workflow with the flexibility to set itself up without knowing all the input sizes and page counts ahead of time is an added value to your business.

Variable Booklets Wish List

  • Workflow automation for variable personalized content
  • Dynamic best fit automation to handle many variables
  • Produce more and maximize the use of your equipment
  • Remain flexible to face a market with ever-changing modifications and requirements
  • End-to-end automated workflow to ensure booklet quality and return on investment
  • Manage short runs by decreasing the number of setups on the finisher

    Eliminating the manual make-ready on cut sheet or the roll-to-booklet lines allows you to produce more in a day.

  • Reach new levels of efficiency and productivity in your print production

    with market-leading imposition automation software solution, Ultimate Impostrip®.

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