Get clever and deliver transactional
and direct mail campaigns in less time

Print application - Financial and Transactional

Transactional & Direct Mail

By leveraging the speed and capability of your inkjet press and your software workflow, you can achieve great productivity.

Offering your customers the ability to deliver various types of campaigns and transactional work in a short time can be a challenge.

Ultimate can help you push the envelope and optimize your prepress workflow to place more pages and jobs at once across the press.

Transactional & Direct Mail Wish List

  • Impose files to print more across the inkjet web
  • Dynamically print barcodes to control integrity of each campaign
  • Automatically adjust the frame to save paper
  • Use stacking options to eliminate blank padding
  • Connect to your upstream front-end to receive orders
  • Reach new levels of efficiency and productivity in your print production

    with market-leading imposition automation software solution, Ultimate Impostrip®.

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Transactional & Direct Mail

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