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Photo and Photobooks

As a consumer product, delivering good quality photo books is necessary to gain repeat business from your customers. Connecting to an online photo personalization ordering platform, photo books must be streamlined into production and finishing with as few touches as possible yet keeping track of every individual piece.

Photo book printers trust Ultimate’s solutions to deliver book-of-one automation for various styles including lay flat, booklet, and perfect bound photo souvenirs.

And for those gearing towards delivering mid-to-high volume photo prints on their digital presses, Ultimate also offers some workflow optimization in this area.

Photo and Photobooks Wish List

  • Using true professional imposition to handle all your work
  • The ability to easily connect the imposition process

    to your existing workflow or online ordering system without extensive programming or implementation required.

  • To use a solution which offers smart and dynamic options

    allowing you to reduce setup time and minimize repetitive tasks.

  • Handling a high volume of JPEG files and streaming photo content
  • Ability to produce many different titles together

    and to dynamically manage the ever-changing workflow combinations this creates.

  • Seeking for end-to-end automation, eliminating the risk of errors
  • Automating finishing equipment

    to deal with the high number of potential manual setups required with short runs or books-of-one.

  • Full flexibility in the creation of marks

    necessary to meet any finishing equipment needs: barcodes, conditional placement, data-driven marks, and more.

  • Reach new levels of efficiency and productivity in your print production

    with market-leading imposition automation software solution, Ultimate Impostrip®.

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Photo and Photobooks

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