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Ultimate TechnoGraphics Helps Cober Gain Unmatched Productivity


Montreal, Canada, September 26th, 2018 – Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation software, is proud to work with Cober, one of the most highly regarded and versatile suppliers of print communications and web-based marketing, and together have substantially increased production productivity over thousands of short run jobs.

These two Canadian-based companies met at a time where Cober was facing today’s universal challenge: the increase of volume for short-runs order. Today, Cober has enhanced their workflow capabilities with Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ innovative and effective software solutions.

“Cober’s digital print business was growing rapidly” says Erwin Driever, VP Technology at Cober when describing the context Cober was in before meeting with the Ultimate Team. ”as a result, we faced a number of challenges with these new opportunities, particularly where the volume of short-run orders placed and produced was increasing dramatically. Using the more traditional finishing methods of a commercial printer to produce these orders became a major bottleneck in our finishing area, negatively affecting our production processes, delivery times and customer satisfaction.”

Finding A True Game Changer

Cober selected Ultimate Impostrip® to automate their short run jobs and to increase their productivity. Major benefits in using this technology in day-to-day activities where experienced by Cober. “Ultimate Impostrip® provides us with a stable, efficient, predictable and autonomous tool for automating imposition layouts and files submitted for digital print production” explains Driever. “It is a critical component of our overall automation processes. The application is relatively easy to use, very flexible to meet our needs.”

Ultimate Impostrip® allows print service providers to capture the market and make a successful print business even while managing shorter runs and meeting very quick turnaround times. The technology provided handles millions of jobs from customers all around the world and unlocks true value. It offers a full subset of un matched functionality to enable a wide range of production requirements.

“Ultimate Impostrip® is a very important tool and major component for the automation of imposition flats and files in our workflow. We tested a number of different solutions and nothing that we found could compare to it. Using Ultimate Impostrip® for imposition automation has been so successful for us that we continue to add new products and SKUs to our automation streams and inject more traditional orders using Hot Folder flows, eliminating the use of other “Prepress” imposition tools and manual interaction with orders.”

True Collaboration and Partnership

Cober is now a successful Ultimate customer and their “overall user experience with Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate TechnoGraphics has been nothing but positive. The application is an incredible product to use” adds Driever. “It has allowed us to grow our business, finishing hundreds of orders daily, that otherwise would not be possible. The Ultimate team has been great to work with and their support has been outstanding for us.”

Post-Press Automation

Cober has also implemented finishing automation solutions by incorporating the Horizon SmartStacker powered by HP SmartStream Direct-to-Finish. “The production process for these short run orders had been totally automated up to and including the printing of orders. It was a natural progression to look at automating as many of the post-press functionality as possible, such as cutting, to achieve even greater efficiencies.” explains Driever.

To read the full story and to learn more about their finishing choices, please visit: https://imposition.com/press-release/ultimate-technographics-helps-cober-gain-unmatched-productivity/.



About Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Automation drives results in printing. This is the foundation of all Impostrip® product developments and today, Print Service Providers worldwide benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the first release of Impostrip® in 1989 and has continued to play a leading role in the market ever since while providing the most innovative and progressive imposition products. Ultimate today leads in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders.




About Cober

Cober is a 102-year-old, 4th generation, family owned business located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Since 1916, Cober has grown to become one of the most highly regarded and versatile suppliers of print communications and web-based marketing. From its three facilities Cober provides in-house design and marketing, lithographic production, large and small format digital production, grand format production, in-house bindery, mailing, warehousing and fulfillment and distribution. Cober also provides in-house technology and integration services for its partners. Cober offers expanded services far beyond conventional print. Cober strives to stay ahead of the trends through our approach of conducting business, commitment to new technologies, inspirational ideas for marketing and print solutions, and the acknowledgement of environment responsibilities.


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