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Ultimate TechnoGraphics at DscoopOpen: Imposition Connectivity + Finishing


Montreal, Canada, Tuesday, June 2nd 2015, Ultimate TechnoGraphics will be exhibiting at DscoopOpen in Dublin, Ireland from June 3-5 2015 and demonstrating its flagship imposition software Impostrip and its ease of use to create the imposition preparation for an automated digital print and finishing production workflow at its booth 7. Impostrip is a product line offering entry level solutions as well as advanced solutions for high volume printing and digital print finishing.

Flexible, reliable and fully automated, Impostrip allows customers to prepare jobs for print and binding without the need for extensive configuration. Impostrip is a solution for customers struggling with the creation of barcodes for finishing such as barcodes per sheet, per page, per signature, for beginning and/or end of job, as well as multiple barcodes, banner sheets, annotations, conditional marks, registration marks, and the list goes on. Impostrip will be showcased at the Ultimate TechnoGraphics booth 7.

What’s new in Impostrip v.9.1 for Dscoop Members?

What Dscoop Members love the most about Impostrip is how it offers the ability to easily connect imposition to upstream and downstream solutions. Impostrip is a key component of a workflow and Impostrip v9.1 offers even more connectivity in a digital print workflow today:

  • Upstream Connectivity:Users may want to connect Impostrip with an MIS System, a workflow system or even a web-to-print or internal ordering system. With Impostrip’s Universal Mapper, it is now even easier than before to setup job ticket transmission and connectivity between systems without the need for programming. This is one of Impostrip’s key values, extending the reach of its connectivity capabilities.
  • Downstream Connectivity:Impostrip v9 has extended its connectivity with the HP Indigo SmartStream workflow and DFE by allowing users to set automatic job submission directly to an HP DFE print queue, further eliminating touch points. Impostrip continues to also deliver JDF imposition output in order for users to automate their inline and near-line finishing equipment using the HP SmartStream Direct-to-Finish solution, eliminating finishing make-ready.
  • Offset to Digital using JDF:Ultimate introduces a new connector that converts JDF imposition into PDF, allowing commercial Print Service providers to send JDF imposition built with their offset workflow such as Apogee, Prinergy and alike, to HP SmartStream to build the PDF files for printing. This offers extra flexibility in a hybrid environment in order to repurpose jobs to digital.
  • Imposition for the Horizon SmartStacker:Impostrip uses the exclusive logic and numbering scheme SmartStacker needs to optimize yield per B2 sheet, insert blank sheets that can be ejected from the stream as needed to separate content, and allow same-size but different jobs to be imposed and printed on the same sheet. Thanks to Impostrip, the SmartStacker maintains proper sheet sequence, can offset-stack or straight-stack as needed for downstream finishing, and complete jobs exit the system without any waste pages.

To see all of the dynamic imposition features Impostrip offers such as dynamic barcodes, JDF output, Marks Profiles and AutoFlow Job Ganging, please visit the Ultimate TechnoGraphics booth 7 or visit us online at www.imposition.com.

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