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Ultimate TechnoGraphics and The Association for PRINT Technologies at All in Print China


Montreal, Canada and Reston, Virginia, October 26th, 2018. Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation, will be participating with the Association for PRINT Technologies, formerly NPES, at All in Print China 2018 taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, October 24-28, 2018. As part of the Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 World Tour, this event allows Ultimate to reveal its new generation of imposition software for the first time to the Asian market. Ultimate Impostrip® 2019, recently awarded APTech’s Vanguard Breakthrough Technology, is a ground breaking technology capable of very advanced and dynamic automation, introducing an intelligence agent for commercial printing, wide format printing and book printing, for both flat and bound work.  The new easy-to-use features leverage PSP’s to the highest efficiency on digital and offset equipment resulting in faster turnaround times, better productivity and increased profitability.


Impact of Asian market on the Print Industry

This new evolution of Ultimate Impostrip®, also known as the first computer desktop imposition solution on the market in 1989, as well as the fastest imposition solution on the market today, is aligned with Ultimate’s long-term strategy to deliver complete automation solutions to Print Service Providers worldwide. In an era where saving resources and producing more in a shorter period of time is more and more important, Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ innovative software solutions will benefit every business involving in the printing industry from day one of implementation by reducing considerably all kind of waste such as resource, time, effort and money.

Asia-Pacific is the largest regional market for print, powered by India, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. With strong economics and favorable demographics, Asia-Pacific is an economic success story, driven by India, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. Changing international trade patterns will continue to transform the global economy; Asia-Pacific will continue to have the fastest growing exports.

Literacy rates have also increased in Asia. Between 1999 and 2016, literacy rates in Asia increased from 86.1% to 93.2%. For example, India’s literacy rate increased from 76% in 2001 to 86% in 2011, and Indonesia reached literacy rates of 99.7% in 2016[1]. These improvements will convert into wider potential readerships and higher incomes, which will lift printing revenues.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics as a member of APTech’s trade missions

Ultimate TechnoGraphics has been a proud member of APTech’s trade missions for years. It allowed the Canadian-based company to export/expand to new markets. The trade mission engagement expedited the process and minimized the risks. APTech’s expert global trade team has been there to guide Ultimate TechnoGraphics through the maze of cultural and regulatory conventions.’’ A company doesn’t have to worry trying to book meetings and meet with potential buyers – instead a company should only have to focus on how to present their best product pitch!’’, says Pernilla Jonsson, Senior Director of Global Programs at The Association for PRINT Technologies.

Meet Ultimate TechnoGraphics as a member of Association for PRINT Technologies’ Trade Mission at booth N2A338, Shanghai New International Expo Center, from October 24-28, 2018. For more information about this tradeshow, visit http://www.allinprint.com/en/, for more information about Ultimate TechnoGraphics, visit www.imposition.com, for more information about the Association for PRINT Technologies, visit https://www.printtechnologies.org/.




About Association of PRINT Technologies

The Association for PRINT Technologies (formerly NPES), is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting the entire commercial printing value chain. We believe in helping our members maximize alignment with their value chain partners to be more effective and competitive. Printing has been vital to communication for decades; today, the digital culture has heightened our industry’s complexity and reframed its relevance. APTech’s signature event—PRINT®—answers the call by bringing the boldest and brightest innovators, influencers, and newest technology together to create connections that showcase and advance our industry.



  • [1] Source: APTech/PRIMIR and VDMA’s 2016 study “Worldwide Market for Print 2.0: Global Opportunities in Packaging (2011-2020)” by The Economist Intelligence Unit


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