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Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator for Enfocus Switch

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Integration Enfocus Switch Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator

Automation drives results. Ultimate TechnoGraphics, www.imposition.com, leader in imposition and finishing automation software, announces the release of Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator version 10 now available with Enfocus Switch 12 Mac and Windows. This new configurator integrates and automates multiple Ultimate Impostrip® products such as Automation, Scalable and Solo for Mac with Enfocus Switch.

Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator version 10 also introduces the concept of a mixed platform environment offering more flexibility to users who use both Mac and Windows based computer platforms in their production environment. With Enfocus Switch, users have the flexibility of choosing to run this solution on either computer platform. For example, if Enfocus Switch is installed on a Mac computer and users want to drive Impostrip Automation from a Windows computer, they can now do this. The idea behind this new approach is to provide users the workflow flexibility they may require. It also enhances the ease of use by eliminating constraints and offering more integration options.

Using Ultimate Impostrip® to empower the Enfocus Switch workflow is key to increasing prepress efficiency and thus providing a profitable solution. With Ultimate Impostrip®, users can profit from dynamic imposition, speed in processing, automated ganging of different jobs, centralizing imposition to drive multiple presses, a mixed brand environment, as well as simple connectivity. For a full list of Ultimate Impostrip® versions and features, please visit www.imposition.com.

To download the new Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator, Switch users can simply do this using the Enfocus Pack Manager which can be found by selecting “Manage configurators…” under the “Help” menu in Switch, or by downloading it from the Crossroads community portal at following location:http://www.crossroads-world.com/en/Home/Get%20Applications/Ultimate%20Impostrip%20On%20Demand.

The Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator version 10 can also be seen during the next Ultimate TechnoGraphics free webinar on May 20th at 2:00pm EDT during the Enfocus Virtual Safari: http://www.enfocus.com/webmarketing/website_files/virtual-safari/on-demand-printing.html