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Ultimate at Dscoop11: Connecting Imposition and Finishing Automating Multi-Device Finishing Workflows.


Montreal, Canada, April 8th 2016, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc., leader in imposition and finishing automation software, will demonstrate its latest imposition and finishing workflow software developments at the upcoming Dscoop San Antonio, in Texas April 14th to 16th 2016.

As a result of its forward thinking research and development program, Ultimate TechnoGraphics will showcase the value of a well-controlled and automated imposition solution connected directly to a post-press finishing workflow to achieve flexible and automated print production of gang runs, short-run booklets and books.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics simplifies the post-press finishing in two ways: complete device setup instructions and dynamic barcoding enabling the automation of each finishing device working on a chain of modifications for the same book or brochure project. This unique concept of Finishing Flow from Ultimate TechnoGraphics is the concept behind its Ultimate Bindery software solution. Moreover, the systematic collaboration between Ultimate and HP for the centralisation and the integration of post-press finishing tasks in the HP SmartStream Production Pro print server with the Direct-to-Finish technology will be demonstrated at Dscoop San Antonio to HP Indigo customers in order for them to take advantage of this efficiency for print production using the HP Indigo 7×00 family, the HP Indigo 10000 and the newly announced HP Indigo 12000 Digital Presses.

Ultimate Bindery eliminates the bottleneck in finishing on short run jobs, and reduces errors and waste by ‘pre-flighting’ jobs for finishing before sending for print. The validation is crucial to eliminate reprints and printed paper waste. For example, the wrong margin size or excess gutter in a document can often break the finishing production chain. This extra validation for finishing is available with the HP SmartStream Direct-to-Finish solution to detect errors through its automated validation process.

Smart Stacking Options

Responding to the interest and the needs of the commercial print providers, Ultimate TechnoGraphics has developed smart stacking options in Impostrip® to leverage B2-size sheets digitally printed on HP Indigo that are then cut, collated and intelligently stacked at the near-line Horizon SmartStacker. These stacks are the first step to a finishing flow leading into perfect bound books, followed by an automatic feed to a Horizon BQ Perfect Binder and HT trimmer. Several types of post-press Finishing Flows can be configured in HP SmartStream Direct-to-Finish.

New Finishing Device Drivers

Ultimate TechnoGraphics has completed the development of new drivers for the Duplo DC-646, the Perfecta 92 by Perfecta Schneidemaschinenwerk GmbH, the Microcut by C & P Microsystems. In the case of the new Microcut driver, it opens up a whole world of opportunities to upgrade several non-JDF cutters into JDF enable automated finishing cutters that can connect upstream to HP SmartStream Production Pro print server. Also new, the Horizon HT-1000V added to specifically address variable book production.

“The fruitful collaboration between HP Indigo and Ultimate TechnoGraphics results in continuous expansion of the finishing devices supported by HP SmartStream Direct-to-Finish” says Gershon Alon, WW manager, workflow solutions at HP Indigo. “This provides our customers more opportunities to automate their bindery, save time and reduce errors”.

“Commercial print providers are very interested in digital printing to produce variable content and variable size products” says Joanne David, President of Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. “With post-press finishing automation, these companies can add more value if they bring digital finishing in-house in order to control the manufacturing process of short runs at a profit.”

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