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Ultimate Bindery v4 wins Best of Category


Montreal, Canada, October 21st, 2014, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. (www.imposition.com) is proud to announce Ultimate Bindery v.4 won Best of Category in the 2014 MUST SEE ‘EMS this year at Graph Expo in the Management Software category. Ultimate Bindery v.4 was not only a winning technology during this event, but it was also a highlight at the Ultimate booth. “Nice and intuitive”, “plug and play”, “this is gold”, are some of the comments we received while presenting the new version of Ultimate Bindery in Chicago.

“We are very pleased with the extremely positive feedback received at Graph Expo” says Julie Watson, VP Strategic Marketing of Ultimate TechnoGraphics, “this was the first time Ultimate Bindery v4 web UI was shown publicly and we are planning for a release in Q1 2015.”

Ultimate Bindery is an automation tool that makes touch-less end-to-end workflow possible and profitable. Ultimate Bindery v4 offers a new responsive web-based user interface (UI) allowing the management of finishing automation from a computer or a tablet. Operators and managers can now define and manage JDF finishing flows and automate each bindery device, each operating a specific finishing transformation on a printed project, from any location. Setting up a perfect bound book, a saddle-stitched brochure or a set of multiple invitation orders ganged together on a guillotine from a workflow perspective is made easy. Ultimate Bindery v4 has 17 finishing machine JDF drivers allowing a check on the job before printing.

“Automating the finishing flow of a job to be finished on a chain of devices from different manufacturers is no longer a wish, but it is a reality” says Joanne David, President and CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. “Due to the success of digital printing with short runs and rapid turnaround time, the bottleneck is felt in the finishing and bindery departments. Ultimate Bindery solves this, and customers around the world are already getting ahead of their competition by automating make-readies on finishers.”

Ultimate Bindery delivers unprecedented value to the print production chain, delivering innovation and increase in productivity. Not only will print service providers make tremendous savings on ink and paper by eliminating manual make-ready and random errors, but they will also deliver consistent quality by standardising job setup.

“When you produce 1,500 or 2,000 jobs per month, even two minutes per setup represents a significant saving for us” says an Ultimate Bindery customer using 3 full automated lines. “Manual job setup can vary between operators and thus, changes the outcome. Manual setups can cause errors in bleed trimming causing waste.”

Ultimate Bindery v4 also delivers new functionality to meet customer demand such as: the definition of user accounts and rights, the ability to view active and error jobs rapidly from a dashboard as well as the job queue for each individual finisher, storing job history and being able to filter and report on processed jobs.

To learn more about Ultimate Bindery, please visit http://imposition.com/en-us/Ultimate-Bindery-Finishing-Automation.

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