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Quality, Automation and Speed at Fotofabriek using Ultimate Impostrip and Ultimate Bindery

Testimonial Foto Fabriek

Montreal, Canada, November 20th 2023, Ultimate TechnoGraphics, the leader in imposition, nesting and finishing automation is happy to present a new customer film created by INKISH.TV at Fotofabriek in the Netherlands.  

Fotofabriek.nl, which delivers photo-related products, and produces over 6,000 products daily; most of which most are shipped the same day.  They have a range of equipment from Kodak, Xerox, Kyocera, Duplo, Zund and more. 

At Fotofabriek, they are all about producing quality products. If a customer has a photobook for example, and a page tears, they will produce a new book as explained in the long film on INKISH.TV. However, producing such volumes of personalised products also requires automation, but the right kind of automation to maintain quality.  

Scalable is something that we really need at this moment. It helps us to scale with the company and the amount of orders. The nice thing about (Ultimate Impostrip) Scalable is that we can upscale or downscale at will.” Says Chris De Jonge, Head of IT at Fotofabriek. 

“Also, on the finishing side, we can handle thousands and thousands, millions of files every week or every day. Ultimate Bindery helps us with integration with our finishing devices so we can have an automatic flow from sheet, to cut, to end product. So it’s a full-based solution that we are using in-house to integrate our machines in a workflow that works together and works on one single file, one single output.” 

“We are also already using the new nesting algorithm of Ultimate Impostrip (2023.2) to generate our nesting for our roll-based printers and our sheet-based printers.That produces waste and that is something I find very important, and Fotofabriek finds it very important. We like to be as circular as possible, so we have as little waste with the most efficient nesting and the most efficient gang-runs. We started off with the ‘old’ nesting engine, it was good, I couldn’t complain. But the new nesting engine is like a new generation. It’s something that is completely build up from the ground, it’s new, it’s better, it’s faster, it’s more scalable. You can integrate it within Ultimate Impostrip Scalable to have multiple nesting engines, so that is something very important. We can-do high-volume nesting, and high efficiency and high-quality nesting and that’s the most important for us currently.” 

 To view the full videos: https://imposition.com/testimonial/foto-fabriek-chris-russell/ and https://inkish.tv/inkish-video/fotofabriek/ . 


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