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ProList Future-Proof its Digital Print Production with Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Pro-List End-to-End Automation

Montreal, Canada, April 17th – Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation software solutions, premiers a video testimonial showcasing ProList, a fully integrated marketing service provider specialized in transactional and mailing services. ProList became a digital print service provider with its expansion and now prints approximately 250,000 highly customized pieces everyday in a completely automated workflow.

Viewers of the video testimonial get insight on the journey that took ProList from zero to full automation and the key solutions they implemented making them today an East-Coast print leader in the USA.  Learn about how ProList overcame obstacles to efficiently produce many print pieces in a single day using B2 size digital print press format.

Investing in Future-proof Solutions.

ProList invested a few years ago in a digital inkjet press, the AccurioJet KM-1 from Konica Minolta in order to expand their business into providing print services to their customers. Along with this, ProList quickly realized that implementing future-proof workflow solutions was also key to productivity.

Using both Ultimate Impostrip® and Ulitmate Bindery®, Dave Lokos, CEO of ProList points out in this video the game changing value of having an end-to-end automated workflow: ‘’In the end, it’s better quality, less labour, happier customers and a better bottom line’’.

To watch the video testimonial and learn more about the implementation and use of the Ultimate solutions from an operator stand-point, visit www.imposition.com/video/ultimate-puts-prolist-ahead-of-the-competition




About ProList

ProList is one of the premier mail and marketing services companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company was born of innovation in 1989. At that time, the Postal Service was just beginning to recognize the importance of automation in mail processing. ProList was among the first companies in the nation to provide a practical means of printing barcodes on postal pieces to allow its customers to obtain discounts. Our mission today is much the same as it was then: To help our customers reach their target audiences in the most cost-effective ways possible, and through a variety of direct marketing channels.

Direct mail is still our hallmark service offering. We have continued to expand our mail production services over the years, adding the latest technologies in camera-match systems for high-touch match mailing campaigns, state of the art inserters, and, most recently, the KM1, a large format digital, ink jet press. Today, ProList is a fully integrated marketing services provider that, along with its sister company, SnailWorks™, continues to grow and deliver cutting edge solutions for the many new challenges that today’s direct marketers face. From Intelligent Mail to integrated email marketing and digital fulfillment, ProList continues to make history as the model for marketing services companies of the twenty-first century. We’re always looking for smarter, better solutions. We never stop thinking about your direct marketing.


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