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Mediaclip and Ultimate Technographics Partner Just in Time for Drupa to Offer Easy to Produce Lasting Photo Memories.


Montreal, Canada, April 24th 2012 – Ultimate Technographics and Mediaclip are pleased to announce a new partnership geared to deliver an easy-to-use creation and production flow for photo products. Both companies will co-market a well integrated solution that provides an automated and efficient way to prepare photo products ordered online and to insure a streamlined cost-effective printing and finishing process.

Mediaclip’s solution allows the creation of any printable personalized product, including photo, business or branded & licensed products. Mediaclip’s software enables PSP, retailors and web integrators to deliver a rich user experience, increasing both sales and customer loyalty. The versatility and openness of the architecture of the solution makes it easy to introduce new trendy products and to connect with other technologies like the automation capabilities offered by Ultimate Technographics. As a result of the Mediaclip’s flexibility, providers benefit from a significant lower product deployment and manufacturing cost while delivering a higher quality end-product.

Ultimate’s Impostrip OnDemand Automation solution known for its powerful automation is designed to integrate easily as a back-end to web-to-print systems that are focused on personalized or short-run on-demand printing. Combined with Mediaclip, print service providers can use various imposition optimization schemas generated by Impostrip OnDemand Automation to increase the efficiency of their digital press and to simplify the finishing transformation, while taking advantage of the large cut-sheet sizes available. Customers can count on Impostrip OnDemand Automation to leverage their digital web presses’ speed, dedicated to photo production, saving time and money.

According to Mediaclip’s CEO Marion Duchesne, “We always focus on finding new ways to help our customers achieve their goals and simplifying the production process is a great way to do that. We are dedicated to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to user experience and this includes not only the creation software end-users but the providers as well. Making it easier to manage everything from the creation process to the delivery improves everyone’s satisfaction ”.

“In digital printing, automation drives results’’, says Joanne David, President and CEO at Ultimate Technographics Inc, “and because we integrate nicely with Mediaclip, this easy-to-use web-to-print solution for photo products and many types of publishing projects, our customers will be able to draw better profit margin on every order. This partnership allows us to intensify our mission to automate, simplify and increase the profitability of modern digital printing.’’

Visit us at Drupa from May 3rd to May 16th: Mediaclip at HP Hall 4, or Ulitmate Technographics at HP Hall 4 or Xerox Hall 8b.

About Mediaclip™
Mediaclip Inc. is headquartered in Montreal (Canada). Mediaclip develops digital imaging solutions for the creation of personalized products, aimed at providing a delightful user experience. Its leadership and expertise focus on leveraging Digital Convergence with innovative solutions to allow its partners to exceed their customers’ expectations. To learn more about Mediaclip, visit www.mediaclip.ca .

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