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Live at PMA: DigiLabs > Ultimate > Noritsu > Duplo


Palo Alto, CA, February 18, 2010-at PMA 2010, Anaheim CA (February 21-23)

Four photo industry leaders: Duplo, Noritsu, DigiLabs and Ultimate Technographics will be presenting an end-to-end automated workflow for creating, ordering, imposing, printing and finishing photo products (e.g., books, cards, calendars, prints, etc.).

It all starts with DigiLabs (www.digilabs.com) photo creativity software.  End-users can create and order photo products using DigiLabs software either in-store or at home. DigiLabs software creates a print-ready PDF (or JPEG) file and does not require server software so that the print-ready file is delivered directly to the printer. The integration between DigiLabs and Duplo’s Bar Code Generator (powered by Ultimate’s Impostrip) imposition software is automated so that upon delivery of the order, the Bar code generator automatically imposes the job including page layout, numeration and bar coding.  From there, the file moves to the Noritsu printer (model D703) and upon printing, is taken to Duplo’s DC-645 Integrated Folding System and UAS-400 Photo Album System for slitting, cutting, creasing, folding, and binding.

This unique and powerful integrated workflow will be demonstrated at the Duplo’s booth #3185. And just across (booth #3184) you are invited see an in-depth presentation of DigiLabs’ new photo software.

“We are excited to deliver an integrated photo workflow solution with our partners thereby delivering to photo products merchandisers superior user/ordering experience, speed, quality and efficiency” says Andrew Friedland, VP of Sales at DigiLabs.

Si Nguyen, Director of Marketing at Duplo USA Corporation comments, “Workflow automation begins with prepress in a print production environment. At the Duplo stand, visitors will be shown a wide variety of photo applications driven by the Duplo Barcode Generator, Duplo’s first prepress production tool that integrates pre-press, press and post-press productions. By automating their workflow, users will benefit from the reduction of touch points, setups, operator training, order processing, and much more.”

“Powered by Impostrip, this proof of concept demonstration at PMA is like a “business-in-a-box”.  Merchandisers will be able to see live how our highly integrated technologies can deliver a highly profitable business that requires almost no operators nor specialized personnel.  It is the ultimate magic!” says Ray Duval, Director of Sales at Ultimate.

About DigiLabs
DigiLabs is recognized as publishing the fastest, most powerful and yet easy to use photo (e.g., photo books, cards, calendars, etc.) creativity software.  DigiLabs’ software is used by more than 40,000 retail, printer and lab outlets worldwide.  Partners/Resellers include HP, Xerox, Kodak, Fujifilm and Canon, Duplo and Ultimate.  DigiLabs private labels and customize software for companies looking to grow their photo business