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Impostrip® v.10 Nesting Optimization Engine Wins 2016 MUST SEE ’EMS


Selected in the Prepress and Premedia Workflow Category at Graph Expo 2016

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, Montreal, Canada – Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Inc., leader in imposition and finishing automation software, is proud to win 2016 MUST SEE EMS’ for Impostrip® Automation v.10 and its unique Nesting Optimization Engine. This Award will be presented at Graph Expo 2016, From September 25th to 28th in Orlando Florida.

The Impostrip v.10 Nesting Optimization Engine has new intelligent technology developed by Ultimate TechnoGraphics enabling complete power and flexibility on automating true shape nesting optimization for the print production of products such as labels, in store displays, stickers, boxes, banners, textile pieces, and more. This technology is designed with the objective to help commercial print service providers expand their business offering without the need to change their entire workflow.

At Graph Expo, Ultimate TechnoGraphics is planning to release Impostrip® Automation v.10 with the first commercial modules derived from the Nesting Optimization Engine called AutoNesting. This module allows end customers to automatically nest different shapes of different sizes and of different quantity together automatically in the most auspicious way. It is ideal for web-to-print, on-the-fly or quick turn around jobs.

Print service providers choose Impostrip® to increase their productivity and streamline jobs from prepress to printing in a fully automated process. It easily connects to upstream systems to take orders directly from web-to-print software, workflow and print management systems. Impostrip® is the ultimate tool box for customization of print finishing requirements with extensive and easy to setup marks and barcode profiles.

Adding the AutoNesting module to Impostrip Automation v.10 will provide the means for end customers to leverage their current workflow setup and existing know-how to produce new products.

The Impostrip® Automation v.10 AutoNesting module facilitates prepress with the following key features:

  • Drive true shape nesting with no predefined templates required
    • Group the imposition for jobs of different sizes and quantities together
  • Connect with preferred MIS, B2B/B2C store-fronts, and workflow systems such as Aleyant Pressero and Tucanna tFlow, Avanti Slingshot, EPMS Enterprise, Enfocus Switch, RSA Ready Print, On Print Shop, PrintSys, and more.
  • Extend current workflow with new capability and benefit from current Impostrip® implementations.
    • Prepare and convey cutting information for post printing processes.

“We are very pleased to win the 2016 MUST SEE EMS award for our true shape nesting technology selected by the exclusive group of industry experts leading the award program, says Julie Watson, Executive VP at Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. We strongly believe that our solution will open up new opportunities for commercial print service providers.”

See the new technology release live at Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ booth 2179 at Graph Expo. Visitors may also see it working with the Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter in the Standard Finishing Systems booth #1548. For more information, please visit www.imposition.com

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