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EPMS MIS Solution Integrates Ultimate’s AutoFlow Estimator for Gang Run Layouts

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Integration with EPMS MIS Solution Gang Run Wizard AutoFlow Estimator

Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), a market leading developer of print MIS, and Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc., a market leading developer of imposition and finishing software solutions, are pleased to present the integration of the Gang Run Wizard with Ultimate Impostrip® AutoFlow Estimator to offer a quick and accurate way to plan and produce gang runs, thus allowing decision makers to have all the necessary information regarding different scenarios in order to submit a production work order.

The Gang Run Wizard helps the user find common jobs that can potentially run together. Grouping these jobs together is accomplished by using user definable filters such as substrates, inks, finishing requirements, sizes, product type, etc.  This module can be extended to also use the AutoFlow Estimator as an added option to determine the Gang Run layout for each group of jobs and lay out different scenarios for a user to make decisions about how to best produce a group of jobs. Using the two systems in tandem is beneficial as customers are sure to estimate the optimal gang run to maximize the press sheet.

The AutoFlow Estimator is available as a stand-alone software solution that can be connected as a back engine to a MIS to supply gang run layouts for production and estimation, or as an option for Ultimate Impostrip®’s customers to automatically calculate gang runs thanks to its underlying powerful engine provided by Ultimate Impostrip®.  The AutoFlow Estimator setup is easy and can be accomplished with less clicks, and runs behind the scenes as a fully automated black box. Combined with EPMS MIS system, customers gain in production planning, as well in reaching final job cost.

Enterprise Print Management System is a modular print MIS Solutions provider in North America. From simple quoting to sophisticated client relationship management, accounting and JDF integrations, the Enterprise Print Management System allows real time access to information about every aspect of the business.

“EPMS is excited to interface with the Auto Flow Estimator, says Mark Andersen, President and CTO of EPMS, because it provides easy to configure, easy to use, affordable tool to enhance our EPMS MIS’ Gang Run Wizard module by quickly and automatically calculating Gang Run Layouts that we can then use within our Scheduling, Job Tracking/Data Collecting, and Job Costing modules.”

“With the increase in short runs, Print Service Providers are looking to group jobs together on same substrate in order to simplify, maximize and automate”, says Joanne David, President and CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. “And tools to plan the production gang runs have always been very expensive. We felt that a simple, more accessible and automated tool is exactly what was needed. We are excited to showcase this feature at the EPMS User Group Conference.”

The EPMS MIS’ Gang Run Wizard as well as Ultimate’s AutoFlow Estimator can be seen working together at EPMS User Conference on October 5-7, 2015, in Plymouth, MA. Please visit the following websites to request a demo: http://entpms.com/Contact_US.html and http://imposition.com/.

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