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Duplo USA Enters Into An OEM Agreement For Ultimate’s Barcode Technology And Raises The Bar On Automation


Santa Ana, CA: December 7th, 2009- Duplo USA Corporation reaches an agreement with Ultimate Technographics Inc. to distribute an OEM version of Impostrip OnDemand Digital Automation with complete barcode functionalities under Duplo’s brand name. The Duplo Barcode Generator powered by Impostrip OnDemand will allow Duplo users to eliminate manual make-readies on Duplo machines equipped with barcode OMR scanners. A time limited version of the product will begin its journey with every DC-645 and DC-615 slitting/cutting/creasing solution shipped from Santa Ana, California beginning mid December. At the same time, Duplo USA will extend this offer to all DC-645 and DC-615 current users.

Automation out of the box
Si Nguyen, director of marketing, Duplo USA Corporation, says: “We are quite excited to team up with the imposition leader Ultimate Technographics to introduce the Duplo Barcode Generator to all our customers. This tool will be a significant production enhancement in two areas: automation and quality. Thanks to the barcode scanner built-in each Duplo machine, customers will be able to generate all the necessary elements to get top notch quality, reduce waste and time and get full return on their investment quickly, whether they are offset or digital printers.”

Duplo Barcode Generator does more
The Duplo Barcode Generator is a simple way to set jobs in prepress to streamline printing and finishing production. From the moment you drop a PDF into Duplo Barcode Generator pre-set hot folders you can expect this job to go to print automatically imposed with the necessary barcode and other elements that will perform automatic make-readies on the Duplo machine and with perfect registration each time.
Joanne David, President-CEO of Ultimate says, “Today operators are asked to be multi-tasking but that comes at a certain price, meaning that machines can stay idle when the operator is dealing with a problem, thus affecting efficiency and the delivery schedule. This OEM agreement reflects Duplo and Ultimate’s vision to offer a simple automated process that guarantees that each printed sheet is perfectly slit/cut/creased, eliminating the need for an operator to set the machine and to verify the quality or to make further adjustments along the way when offset is significant from one printed sheet to another.’’

About Duplo USA
From duplicating to finishing systems, Duplo has been synonymous with being the only manufacturer dedicated to the production of a complete line of on-demand printing and finishing equipment. Duplo is attributed as the leader in providing innovative collating, booklet making, sheet feeding, perfect binding, folding, printing/duplicating, and slitting/cutting/creasing solutions in the print marketplace. In response to the digital printing needs of the print-on-demand market, Duplo delivers a rewarding range of automated in-line, near-line, and off-line finishing solutions. Its continual success to maintain such partnerships with leading digital printer manufacturers such as Xerox, Canon, Hewlett Packard, IKON, and Fujifilm Graphic Systems, lies in the hands of its comprehensive distribution channel. Above the standard, Duplo continues to foresee and meet the rapid changes in print technology. www.duplousa.com

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