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Documation Relies on Ultimate Impostrip® for Thousands of On Demand Books Everyday

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Press Release Documation Relies on imposition software Ultimate Impostrip to print Thousands of On Demand Books per day

Montreal, Canada. June 10th, 2020. Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation solutions, is proud to work with Documation, a full-service commercial printer, to deliver thousands of on demand books every day.

Documation acquired a wide assortment of Horizon and Hunkeler bindery equipment over the 25 years they have been in business. When they started their on demand books program, about two and a half years ago, they bought some automated perfect binding equipment that would take a roll of paper off of their HP PageWide T240 HD Web Presses, unwind it, cut it, fold it, stack it, perfect bind it and three knife trim it. This inline finishing flow brought its share of challenges according to Documation GM: “Because of the variability of the number of pages of each book, we needed to find a solution that could dynamically handle signature lengths to eliminate the obligation of adding blank pages in the back of the books to complete a signature. Ultimate Impostrip® provided exactly what we needed.’’

Already using Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable to streamline their production with hands-off automated imposition, Documation turned to Ultimate TechnoGraphics software to create all the compatible 2D matrix and 1D barcodes to pass the job information to the finishing equipment. ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® allows us to automate essentially everything that we need to run on our Hunkeler and Horizon bindery equipment as part of the imposition process.’’, admits Stanek.

By building a centralized prepress workflow and connecting it to finishing with Ultimate Impostrip®, Documation has created an automated workflow that goes from customer through to press and bindery with consistency and without the need for manual intervention. They are now producing more than 5,000 unique on demand books per day in a completely automated fashion.

To read the full Documation story and learn about their centralized prepress workflow, please visit: imposition.com/testimonial/documation-on-demand-print


About Documation

Documation is a world-class print solutions provider driven by exceeding customer expectations by utilizing best practices and progressive technology.  Our goal is to provide our clients with quality products, hassle-free printing services, and exceptional customer service. We tailor our solutions to help businesses manage, create, produce and distribute printed products nationwide. Some of our valued clients include associations, association management companies, continuing education providers, publishers, and commercial enterprises.

Our services and solutions include: Print-On-Demand (POD), including books, An array of printing services, including digital, wide-format and offset, Customized integrations, storefronts and workflows to fit individual business needs, A variety of bindery and finishing services, Direct marketing and transactional mail and Distribution and mailing services.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in continuing to be a leader in the printing industry. By providing innovative products and solutions, we can cut product and logistical costs, which in turn improves your profitability.

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