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More Digital Printing Capability in Impostrip® OnDemand v8.1


Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 17th, 2014, Ultimate Technographics Inc. announces the international release of Impostrip® OnDemand v.8.1 for Windows with over 25 new features and a focus on output document management at the press. Impostrip® OnDemand v8.1 family is now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Here is a preview of a few new highlights.

  • Output Document Management: The ability to streamline the output of personalized jobs and multiple books has been increased by reducing the need for manual release at the press. This new option allows grouping multiple PDF files from XML or PDF input as one single PDF output, yet keeping document independence and integrity.
  • Mark Synchronization: The addition of new custom values for text marks and barcodes synchronization helps users track every element of the imposition for the purpose of quality control in post-press.
  • New Profile: The addition of collating marks and new conditional position of marks for finishing were added to Impostrip®’s Marks Profile.
  • Document Custom Value Marks: The ability to input custom values through XML to print custom text marks for each document will benefit users producing personalization jobs.
  • Numbering Scheme for Magnum T-Fold Finishing: The numbering schemes to command all operations for book block stacking on T-Fold devices for inkjet presses have been added.
  • Adobe® PDF library: Includes updated Adobe® PDF library for PDF processing. More AutoFlow Job Ganging
  • Optimization: The added capability includes paper edge margins, faster processing, option to produce only one plate or sheet, automatic control over gutter, increase optimization with multiple orientations, as well as a page scaling option.
  • AutoFlow – Extras: The automatic gang run can create extra items. A new feature lets users decide if they want to generate a layout for extras or not.
  • Preps Template Converter: This version includes a newer version of Preps template (.tpl) converter. This module can be called from the Template Editor menu “File – Import Preps Template” or as a stand-alone executable in the application tools folder. Windows 8.1
  • Compatibility: v.8.1 is compatible with Windows 8.1 as well as XP, Win 7, 2008, Win 8 and 2012.

The update to version 8.1 is free for all users who have an active Titanium Service Plan. Users can validate their Titanium Plan and get the latest Impostrip® version by contacting customerservice@imposition.com, or their local reseller.

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