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David Watson, industry visionaire and founder of Ultimate Technographics passes away at drupa


Düsseldorf, Germany; Montreal, Canada, Sunday 1st of June – With great regret Ultimate announces the loss of its president and founder, David Watson. David passed away after getting a serious heart attack. Respected by the entire industry, David conducted compass session at what was his 5th drupa already. He was delighted to celebrate his
company’s 20th anniversary there. Ultimate would like to thank the people that have given support and shown their sympathy. While their thoughts are with David’s family the Ultimate team expresses its determination to continue to revolutionize digital imposition based on the vision David had set out.

With the mission to computerize the tedious and complicated task of imposition David Watson invented digital imposition 20 years ago, launching the first version of Impostrip at drupa 1990. Through his company Ultimate Technographics David has played an extremely important role in the industry’s move from analog to digital, eliminating the need of knives, tape in prepress. Through partnerships with various pre-press equipment vendors David has made his vision come true, allowing the industry to practically implement digital CTF and CTP workflows as we know them today.

Based on David ability to spot industry trends, Ultimate is now set to revolutionize the printing industry a second time by fully automating imposition for digital print environments. While most of his ideas and insights live within the different layers of the company, David’s passing away represents a great loss to the company and the industry.

Ultimate’s executive management, under the direction of David’s wife Joanne David will be taking over the leadership of the company ensuring continuity and growth for the vision and company David created.

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