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Boone Graphics Reaches 8 Million Dollars and Doubles its Print Sales with Ultimate Impostrip®

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Boone Graphics Doubles its Print Sales with Ultimate Impostrip

Montreal, Canada. July 9th, 2020. Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation solutions, is proud to work with California-based Boone Graphics, a full-service graphic design and letterpress studio, specialized in surveys and manuals for the Medical Industry to print over 50,000 unique jobs each year. By integrating Ultimate Impostrip® imposition software solution in their workflow, they went from 6 prepress personnel for 3.5 million in yearly sales to only 3 people and 8 million dollars.

They combine multiple prepress and production workflow solutions such as ESKO’s Automation engine which controls all aspects of the Pre-Production process. According to Boone Graphics, one thing ESKO Automation Engine did not provide was a fully automated imposition solution which was very problematic. ‘’Imposition became a huge bottleneck in our production flow.’’ reveals Scott Tate, Director of Information Technology. “We had several manual solutions each with its own set of barriers. We really wanted one solution that could tackle all of our imposition needs for digital, offset, cut and stack for mail and web to print all without any human intervention.”

Once Boone Graphics discovered Ultimate Impostrip® XML capabilities, they knew they had found the right solution to build the automated workflow they wanted:  ‘’Ultimate Impostrip® checked all the boxes we were looking for and we have never looked back. Their technology has allowed us to do more work with fewer people and that’s always a good thing.”

Today, Boone Graphics have a completely centralized imposition workflow to produce high print volumes with less people in less time, 24 hours a day. use only one solution for their entire fleet of print devices and build a fully integrated prepress workflow. The combination of prepress automation solutions with powerful print devices enables them to be future-proofed and continue to grow their business with a 5-year objective of 20 million in sales.

‘’Ultimate Impostrip® has major bottom line impact because it is easy to integrate, reliable and fast while being very flexible’’ says Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. ’’Boone Graphics is a good example of a future-proofed print production and its effect on business growth and financial results.’’

To read the full Boone Graphics story and learn about the integrations of all their automation software and different print devices, please visit: imposition.com/testimonial/boone-graphics


About Boone Graphics

Boone Graphics is a full-service design, print, data, and fulfillment company. We have the resources and service philosophy to provide your business with front-end document creation through hard copy and electronic distribution. With our state-of-the-art secured facility and over 35 highly trained professionals, we can create your image, manage your data, print your documents and deliver your messages, all under one roof and all with one accountability.

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