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Under an avalanche of demands for Snow, Ultimate releases Impostrip OnDemand version 7 for MAC


Montreal, Canada, December 9, 2009. With an important demand from our Mac users, Ultimate Technographics Inc. moved its flagship Impostrip OnDemand award winning software for the digital print market to the new Mac OS platform 10.6. Under Snow Leopard, customers will be able to enjoy a major increase in speed that is advantageous for PDF workflows in general, but particularly valuable for PDF personalization.

Starting with version 7, Impostrip OnDemand for Mac users comes in two flavors: Econo as a low cost entry level hot folder automated solution for all types of bindery and Impostrip OnDemand Digital with its well known dynamic hot folders. This gives customers more options and some level of flexibility when planning budgetary considerations for a new automated imposition.

Impostrip OnDemand Econo – entry-level with hot folder automation allowing preferences for imposition such as marks, page positioning, rotation, binding method, print options to be saved in a hot folder.

Impostrip OnDemand Digital – is a step above Econo with its unique dynamic hot folder allowing an extra level of automation, reducing the need to set-up many hot folders: the same hot folder can do all size and all length publications of a particular binding method, adjusting marks and gutters on the fly. The Digital version has JDF output for workflow systems consuming JDF.
Hot folder automation even hotter:

‘Ultimate never stopped developping its hot folder automation since its first release in 1996, explains Raymond Duval, director of Sales, and version 7 has extended its container to retain custom marks, to apply mirroring, applying horizontal centering and automatic rotation on PDF. In V. 7, Impostrip OnDemand Digital Hot folders are the easiest and most advanced right now on the market. We believe our Mac customers will enjoy the extra automation, extreme speed and productivity.’

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