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AutoFlow: Impostrip® reinvents itself with AutoFlow, the Automated Sheet Optimization


Montreal, Canada, March 2, 2011 Ultimate Technographics Inc, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is pleased to announce the release of Impostrip® version 9.1 with AutoFlow, the newly developed automated sheet optimization feature set.

Impostrip® v9.1 brings a fascinating set of features called AutoFlow, which automatically groups multiple jobs of varying quantities and different sizes together and produces the best scenario with sheet optimization in mind. The optimized sheet is produced without template selection, on the fly and automatically.

The AutoFlow feature was developed for offset and for digital printing customers who want to save time and paper by having the software doing all the calculations. The AutoFlow sheet optimization is totally transparent to the user. There is no planning to do as the AutoFlow brings-in all the various size jobs and calculates the best scenario for this group of jobs, which can be previewed by the customer. AutoFlow resembles Impostrip® FullPlate software that Ultimate designed for free-form ganging and widely used with proofing systems. It uses the same magnetic grid to line-up pages. It has also a visual grid to see alignments. AutoFlow has more intelligence built-in the engine allowing complete automation with no user intervention.

Advantage for job personalization: impose many and keep files small

Impostrip produces an optimized PDF where the grouping of jobs and repeated pages are printed only once at the RIP making it very valuable in digital printing. All jobs to be optimized are dropped into a single hot folder and Impostrip® prints all the sheets needed to deliver the quantity ordered.

“The AutoFlow intelligent process optimizes printing in more then one way”, explains Raymond Duval, Director of Sales at Ultimate Technographics.  He continues: “it reduces paper waste by using best scenario for a sheet or for a plate.  It saves time by eliminating the planning process and speeds the ripping time tremendously by using small files with optimized PDF. Barcodes can be added to track jobs or to set up the finishing equipment.”

Impostrip® 9.1 is now available for Mac users in a mixed platform client-server architecture, offering the flexibility to use a Mac client interface while the files resides on a Mac or on a Windows server.  Offered in 2 flavors, Impostrip® Solo or Impostrip® Unlimited, the solution is a FREE update for users with a Titanium Service Plan.  Upgrades and new licenses are offered at a discounted price until March 31, 2011.  FREE trial licenses are available by contacting info@imposition.com.

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